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Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

Today we are venturing out of Banff National Park to visit Yoho National Park. Having Sandra with me means I have the privilege of having a private tour guide. Her vast knowledge of the area from her past jobs is incredible, and I enjoy listening to her stories of her past adventures. On our way, we stopped at Kicking Horse Pass to try and see about train travel through Spiral Tunnels. (From Google: The rugged nature of the Rocky Mountains landscape presented myriad challenges from the steep grade. The solution called for a pair of loops tunneled deep into the valley walls.) There was no train and with the low clouds we were only able to spot one of the tunnels.

Well, that is the first for me. Our next stop is at The Meeting of the Waters, where the Yoho River joins the Kicking Horse River. Two rivers with different colors merged into each other; what spectacular power and energy!

I love being guided around, wondering what my next adventure will be!

Takakkaw Falls is Canada's second tallest waterfall, fed by the Daly Glacier, which is part of the Waputik Icefield. Yes! It is, for sure, tall and grand (Takakkaw means "magnificent" in the local Cree language), an excellent choice for another stop. I am surely going to tip my tour guide well.

We continue to Emerald Lake and take a stroll/hike around it. Yes, it is another lake with that same gorgeous color, but you get an intimate feel of your surroundings here. It might be because there are fewer people due to the weather, or because this is a smaller lake, and the mountains feel closer. No matter the reason, I am glad to be here. I welcome the rain this time, as I love the lake's look with the raindrops dancing on it.

We take a break at the Emerald Lake Lodge to dry off and enjoy a cup of onion soup.

Now here is an example of Mother Nature's creative mind - Natural Bridge is for sure a masterpiece! Years of rushing water of the Kicking Horse River create this unique and fascinating artwork.

On our way back, we stop at the small town of Field to check it out, but first, we have to wait for the long train to pass. Sandra counts about 225 freight cars. Only later do we realize that if we thought it through and drove back to Spiral Tunnels' viewpoint, we probably would be able to see the wonder of this master engineer at work.

It is our last night camping at Lake Louise. It seems like I left all the mosquitos back in Jasper. It is so relaxing, not needing to flick them off.

Good morning, sunshine! Here you are! I missed you, my ray of light!

We are driving to the town of Banff. I have a reservation for two nights at a hostel in downtown Banff. I'm following Sandra. We are traveling on the old highway for now, something I may not even consider since Google Maps would likely put me on the main highway. We stop to view Mount Temple, but the clouds cover the giant peak. We still get a stunning glance at the mountain range as they go in and out of the clouds.

We stop at Castle Mountain Lookout for Sandra to go back in time to when she was a fire lookout up in the cabin there all by herself for three weeks at a time. I love hearing her stories and having a vision of them.

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