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Arches National Park, Utah

I am visiting Arches National Park today. I had the privilege of exploring arches two years ago. It is nice to return to the familiar scenery. I don't get the 'wow' effect since I had it on my first visit. It's so beautiful and a pleasure to be back here! It amazes me to see such a difference in the landscape between Arches and Canyonlands when they are only 45 minutes apart.

Arches National Park feels like God was playing with clay. He, for sure, has a good imagination and is quite talented. We are so blessed!

My first hike is to see The Windows, a section I didn't have time to see on my first visit. It's so cool to observe this phenomenon. Depending on what angle you are looking at, something else is peeking through it. It's so cool! When you get to the last Window (the south window), take the Primitive Trail back to the parking lot. You will be able to see The Windows from another beautiful angle.

Next is the Double Arch (the third largest arch in the park). WOW, what a masterpiece! This is my first time seeing this arch. I love how the colors blend into the rocks and you can see how years of dripping water made their marks on the rocks.

You can't get tired of seeing Delicate Arch. My first visit was in the month of May and the park was packed with people. This time I had the opportunity of sharing the arch with very few people, so I got to see this beautiful structure without millions of people trying to take a picture underneath it.

Another two new arches I can add to my list, Sand Dune Arch and Broken Arch. I have a bit of daylight left, so I squeezed in a hike to Landscape Arch. What a fantastic day! 9.5 miles of beauty!

At this point, I did all the Mighty 5 of Utah. I have often been asked if I have a goal. I don't have particular goals regarding the places I want to see. I don't need to see all of the national parks. It would be nice and I might see them all at one point, but not in this year of travel. I have more destinations and highlights of places that I am excited about. They are Grand Canyon National Park (it has been 32 years since I saw it and back then, it left a great impression on me), Zion National Park (I am excited to return and hike Angels Landing Trail again. This visit is more on a spiritual note) California Coast the Oregon Coast, Olympic National Park and Vancouver Island. I am most excited and nervous at the same time, for the section of my trip to Alaska. Passing through Canada is, without a doubt, a bonus. Jasper and Banff are huge highlights. I have always wanted to visit this area, and of course, how can I forget Glacier National Park. This park has been on my bucket list for years.

A few months before I left, I did realize that there is an underlying goal that I wish to achieve, but that is more on a spiritual level. However, I hope to peel unwanted layers of past pain and worries by pushing through my fear. As a result, I hope to bring faith back into my life and learn to trust fully in what is needed to be my purpose and destiny. I hope to be gifted with the appreciation of living in the moment and to let the part of me that often tended to worry be part of my past.

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