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Big Bend National Park, Texas (7) part 2

Here are some interesting facts about Big Bend. Big Bend National Park is one of the most remote parks in the US. It runs along the Texas-Mexico border. It is larger than the state of Rhode Island. The park is a giant landscape of mountain ranges and deserts. With the different degrees of elevation, there are many extensive types of species and plants. So think BIG! 😊

It is still cold in the morning. The wind finally dies down in the middle of the night. The hikes on our list for today are The Lost Mine, The Window Trail, and Oak Spring. We enter the park, and the beauty is everywhere; it really is incredible! Undoubtedly, being on the passenger side gives me a different experience of Big Bend. I can feel the landscape around me and how it wraps me from every angle I look.

Unfortunately, there is no parking spot at the Lost Mine; hopefully, we will be lucky on our way back from the Window trail. You can understand why they name it the Window when you get to the end. The open window allows for a spectacular view of the valley. I wish I had a window like it back at home! 😊 At Oak Spring, we have another chance to experience this beautiful view. At this point, we are hiking about 8 miles. It is a lovely day, so we squeeze another hike to Lone Mountain Trail and end the day with 10 miles of fun and stories. The hike to Lost Mine will have to wait.

I'm so lucky Dawn is joining me on my adventure at Big Bend. She knows the park and the area very well. After dinner, we drive away from the campground lights to sit in the dark and gaze at the stars. Wow, what an astonishing sight. My face hurts from the smile on my face.

It is the first time I have seen the Milky Way. I love all those moments of "firsts". The last two months have been wonderfully full of them. I am lucky to see two shooting stars, and I make a wish...

Another beautiful sunny day here in Big Bend. This time we drove to the western part of the park to hike the Santa Elena trail. When we get there, we see that the Rio Grande River is too high to pass to the other side of the trail. Nevertheless, I still have the honor of witnessing the sheer beauty of two giant rocks playing with the river beneath them. The view is absolutely breathtaking!

Our next hike is Tuff Canyon. Again, I am lucky to see and experience such different views in one day. What fascinates me about this park is how vast everything is around me. I like feeling small when I am in nature. It allows me the opportunity to be a part of it.

From there, we are heading to Mule Ears Spring Trail. Even though Big Bend is a desert, there is flowing water all year-long at this spring.

After our combined 6 miles of hiking, we headed back to the campground to take a quick shower, head to Terlingua ghost town, and watch the sunset at Dawn's friend's Airbnb place. Tonight we are taking a break from making dinner at camp. We treat ourselves to dinner and live music at the starlight Theater Restaurant. It's a pleasant break; especially when the wind picks up again and the temperature outside is freezing!

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