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Big Bend NP, Texas (8) part 3

It's a cloudy day here in BBNP. The gray skies create a dramatic feel to this endless view.

We are driving today to the east side of the park. We were entering a dirt road, and I knew I couldn't drive it with my car. After a bumpy ride, we get to the head trail of Ernst Tinaja. I am not even aware of what I'm about to see. This hike wasn't part of my list.

When nature leaves you in an awe state of mind, you know you are blessed. The beauty in front of me takes my breath away.

I need to learn more words in the English language to help me share with you all my emotions about the wonderment I see on this journey. The combination of layers, texture, and colors creates a story on its own. A single crow is flying above us; his call is the voice of the peace I feel around me.

It turns out our day is full of incredible surprises. Just ahead of us are six beautiful wild horses galloping. Their near presence in this beautiful place gives me the most symbolic feeling of freedom and grace.

We are back at the campground fighting again with the strong wind (18 miles per hour) and the cold temperature (34). We enjoy Dawn's delicious chili for dinner, but it is hard to hear each other with the tent's noise flapping in the wind. We can't stay much longer, feeling cold and trying to talk over the loud noise. We both head to the comfort of our cars for the night.

Unfortunately, the weather no longer cooperates with us, and the hike to the Lost Mind will be lost. The change in the weather means changes in my plans. Dawn is returning to Austin tomorrow, and the plan to stay another night at Big Bend is no longer a productive idea.

Here is an opportunity to try again and live on the edge. 😊 Tomorrow I will travel toward my next destination but will stop along the way to figure out what to do and where to sleep.

Let's face it, the wonderful experience I had visiting Big Bend is undoubtedly amazing, thanks to Dawn. Thank you, my friend. What a pleasure is to know YOU!

This year I am extra thankful for this amazing journey!

A big part of this experience is the above-and-beyond support I am receiving from all of you! From my boys, my dear friends, personal texts or phone calls, and all your comments on Facebook, are a huge hug wrapping me in a soft, firm blanket of love.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement, love, and support.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to every one of you!

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