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Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

The drive from Kanab to Bryce Canyon is beautiful. As you get closer, the snow-capped mountains blended with reddish-brown rocks are absolutely stunning.

Before getting to Bryce, we stopped at Dixie National Forest to hike the Losee Canyon Trail. This six-mile trail offers a glimpse of Bryce Canyon's landscape. Most of the trail goes along a creek. The sound is gentle and beautiful, adding another element to our senses that are already so relaxed from the beauty of this trail. In some areas, there were still patches of snow. The contrast with the red rock creates a sharp beauty.

We still need to figure out where we are parking for tonight. There are a few options: We can take a cabin, find a BLM, or camp in the National Park campground. Since it is calling for another cold night, we decided to check if we could get a cabin first. Great! Yes, but only for tonight. They are all booked for the week.

So, first, a shower! I never thought I would be so excited about a hot shower. Last night, I warmed up my car and took a wipe shower. It does the job, but nothing beats a nice long shower.

Now we can drive to Sunset Point. I always wanted to see Bryce Canyon in the snow. My joyful heart is exploding with happiness, and the smile on my face is warming my frozen body. What an impressive view! It’s absolutely breathtaking!

At this time of year, the North Campground in Bryce Canyon National Park is first come, first served. So before we start our day, we drive to check our luck. Yes, we got one! Now, let's hike.

Both of us have already visited Bryce Canyon in the past, so we want to hike a trail that is new for both of us. The ranger recommended Peekaboo Loop Trail. We decided to take the longer route and start at Navajo Loop Trail from Sunset Point. 

The Trail is icy and muddy, making the hike quite challenging, but the stunning hoodoos around us make it worth it. Well, maybe not? I found myself on the ground twice. I love it when I feel so tiny in nature. The giant hoodoos hug us with their beautiful formations and golden colors.

As we stopped at one point to catch our breath, another hiker came toward us. Wendy is from Toronto, Canada. When Wendy takes her extended vacation, she travels the world on a motorcycle. We are having the most delightful conversation about traveling. I love bumping into women who inspire me and leave me with admiration for their stories.

Another freezing night, somehow, by now, it isn't as painful.

Good morning, sunshine. What a beautiful gift for the birthday girl. Betty is one year older today. It is time to celebrate!

Betty's favorite meal is breakfast, and since we don't know where we will end up tonight. Getting breakfast at a restaurant outside Bryce is perfect.

Happy birthday, my dear Betty. Although we have known each other for only a year, we feel like we have known each other forever. Now, that is a great gift for both of us.

Before we continue on our travels, we stop at Bryce Point. From this overlook area, you have a magnificent view of Bryce Canyon. One more stop at Paria Point, where the view is more intimate as you get only a few hoodoos and the vast landscape of the open land.

Somehow we secured a camping spot in Capitol Reef for Friday night. We have two days to continue our travel on scenic route 12.

It's time to get back on the road.

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