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Caddo Lake State Park, Texas (1)

I made it to Texas, big beautiful Texas. My first stop is Caddo Lake, State Park. I get there later in the evening, so I don't have a chance to check my surroundings.

It's a beautiful, quiet morning at the campground. My day starts on a kind note. When my neighbor Kathy offers me a cup of coffee, it saves me time and lets me take an early walk in the park. I get to Saw Mill Pond, and oh wow!! The beauty in front of me makes me feel like I'm in a fairyland! I never saw anything like it. The bald cypress trees are magnificent. Their reflection on the water makes it take on another dimension altogether. I take my time walking and enjoying the view.

I know I have a short day today since a storm is coming early in the evening. The weather app informs me of a heavy thunderstorm with winds up to 50 mph. There is a tornado watch as well.

So I decided to adjust my day accordingly and get ready if I needed to be in my car for that long period. So while I'm cooking lunch, I make a wrap for dinner.

I didn't sleep well the night before. Texas brings new challenges; heat, and mosquito bites. I need to find a better solution for cooling my car at night( I have a fan, but it can give me only four hours of cooling time). I don't do well with the heat. I prefer colder weather ( my favorite season to hike is in the winter when the snow is on the ground). I miss the 20° temperature I had in the Smokies! 😆

I take the day slow and easy. I find myself with a pen and my notebook

and sit down at my picnic table and write this poem:

A journey of a billion small steps creating a path for my belongings,

A story of a little girl lost and trapped in her own brick walls

I can feel her pain with every brick she adds

I can see her pain with every brick she breaks

A journey of a billion small steps shaping my way to reach the other end

I cry for the little girl while I cherish the woman she became

A journey of a billion small steps will never end

The road is open and wild for me and her ~

By seven the rain starts. I get into my car with everything I need. It's nine o'clock, the weather has turned worse, and the experience is unreal and terrifying. I want to reach out to any of my friends to help calm myself down, but I know it's a very selfish act since it will worry them about me. It's unreal being in the middle of this chaos. You can hear the sky cracking open in slow motion. The raindrops on my car sound like gunshots. I'm so glad I can write as it helps keep me calm.

Happily, the storm brought cooler weather with it. I was ready to leave Caddo State park when I realized I had drained my car battery by accident. Luckily a few years ago, when I started solo traveling, I bought a portable car battery charger, and I'm able to get my car back on the road.

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