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Cedar Kay and Pensacola, FL

It feels so good to be back on the open road! It just feels so right! Once again, I am gifted with the opportunity to be with myself in a way that I can't find anywhere else.

I have the freedom to be authentic, to express my feelings and emotions openly. There is that silence that grants me the courage to explore my emotions without boundaries.

I have more room to be aware of my surroundings and the reflection of my energy in the world.

My goodness that is a hefty sentence.

On my journey last year, I made a clear decision to detach myself from all the noise that comes from listening to world news. It took many months for me to understand the powerful results of this simple action.

The gift of being present without interference gave me a clean, open heart that allowed me to reach new levels of compassion for the people around me.

My desire for peace remains strong. As our world continues to bleed, I feel a greater responsibility to play my part in achieving it, even if it's an aspiring wish for no more wars and suffering.

As I travel and meet so many beautiful souls, it is clear that my power to spread love and kindness is in the immediate connection, and perhaps, through my writing. I have no control or power to help the other side of the world without first touching the person next to me.

I am making full use of my privilege to be disconnected again. This time, it is much more challenging as my birth country, Israel, is in the midst of war.

It is a lovely day and the sun is shining. I have a few stops today before I get to my final destination, Cedar Key, where I will camp for the night.

If you have been following my story from the beginning, you know how privileged I feel from the friendships I have created along my path of travel. Therefore, I couldn't be happier that my first few days on the road have connected me with new friends, who until now, were profiles on Facebook. Now I have the chance to meet them face to face.

Jerri Ann reached out just before I left. She is literally on my path of travel. We met for breakfast and funny enough, she brought my book so I could sign it. Jerri Ann came with her friend Cathy from Nova Scotia. We exchanged phone numbers so I could visit her in July when I explore her provinces.

Sue is one of the very first women I remember following my story. When she realized I would be passing by her area, she reached out, and we made plans to meet at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. Unfortunately, we had to cancel at the last minute as she tested positive for COVID. I do hope to have another chance to meet up in the future.

I do stop at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and enjoy a walk in the park and view the animals in this small zoo. If you do plan to visit, make sure to be at high tide to have a chance to see the manatees.

I enjoy the drive as I am discovering the quiet side of Florida with no more overcrowded areas. As the day ends, I head to Shell Mound Campground in Cedar Kay. It is a small and quiet campground that feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. 

It is a cold night here in Florida, and where last year I had no choice but to eat my dinner outside in the cold, I now have much more space with my minivan. It is a game changer having the option to sit comfortably in a warm space. I made sure to take a site with electricity to plug my small heater and to be able to set my heating blanket at whatever level I wished, which is a luxury.

Good morning, sunshine! You warm my chill this morning. Life is good and simple. I enjoy making breakfast until I am covered by tiny bugs all over me. Okay, time to pack and move.

Just a short drive, and I am in the little charming town of Cedar Key. Yes! I love it here! I stayed longer than I was planning, and I gave up stopping at other little towns on my way to Pensacola.

I have a long driving day ahead of me, which I call my landscape movie day. I love not knowing what the next corner will reveal to me. It is so different from the first two months of my nomadic life last year. Honestly, I can't believe the edge of fear I felt the first two months of driving in places I had never been has vanished. Well, maybe in big cities, but that is because I am not a city girl, and nothing makes me comfortable in a big city.

Interestingly, I can take myself to the moment I let go of that edge. I was getting closer to Galveston, Texas. Suddenly, a simple funny notion is registering in my tiny brain. There is no way I can get lost. I don't even know where I am since I have never been here before. From that moment, I let go and started to enjoy my move/driving days.

Now, as I have space with myself on the open road to think, I want to find another funny way to let go of another notion that is gripping me and I am sure so many single women out there can understand.  

How do I let go of the fear of financial struggle? I don't have much, and lucky for me, I don't need much. But still, there is this immense cloud above me as I am aware that there is no one out there to pick me up in case life goes south for me. This is where I struggle with the idea of 'now' living in the moment. I am not a spender and am highly responsible with managing my check book. Yet still there is the heavy chip. I will keep you posted when I find that amusing outlook I can embrace and release.

So here is another beautiful story of connection. Last year as I was heading back home, one of the comments on my post made me laugh out loud. Cynda writes: "Is it bad that I don't want you to go home? I want to keep seeing the world through your travels, writing, and photos." It touched my heart, so I sent her a message through messenger to thank her for her note. One comment and one response created a space for a new friendship.

When I knew that I would pass through Pensacola, I made sure to make it a stop. When I realized that Cynda was running in the 15K double bridge run, I adjusted my plan to be there to support her and cheer her on. Meeting with her running group friends was a bonus added to my visit.

Good morning, early morning. By four thirty a.m., we are up. Cynda needs to be in the starting line soon. What gives me the gift of welcoming the rising sun as I walk on the beach of Pensacola. The skies are covered with light clouds, which bring a moving texture to this morning's canvas. The half-moon still smiles at me as it slowly fades into the horizon, and I know it will be a good day! Yes! Cynda improved her run by ten minutes. Wow, you did it, Cynda!

Tomorrow, I am heading to New Orleans. I am fortunate again to be able to get a local tour from another beautiful soul who has been following me since last year.

Linda, I will see you in the morning...

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