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Charlottetown, PEI, and My Crossing to Nova Scotia, NB, Canada

Visiting basilicas is a true pleasure of mine, so naturally, I make sure to visit St. Dunstan's Basilica in Charlottetown.

I enter the basilica, and my eyes and nose take in the space. I am unsure how to describe the smell, but my brain registers it as history and time. I enjoy each unique basilica that I visit. Each one has a different theme and distinctiveness.

The primary materials used in building St. Dunstan's Basilica are marble and stone. I cannot even imagine how much time and effort it took to chisel the marble and shape it into the magnificent art that it is. Cream and sage are the main colors in this holy place, and gold is another color that adds warmth and a sense of wealth to the space.

The stained glass windows are spectacular here. The artists truly capture a story in each one.

During the rest of my time in Charlottetown, I let my feet guide me as I explore the downtown area.

On my way to Wood Islands Ferry, I stop at Orwell Corner Historic Village to experience life in the early nineteenth century on PEI. It's a great stop if you're in the area.

I am rushing to Wood Islands Lighthouse, but unfortunately, I get there too late to climb up. By now, I have decided to alter my plan and not park at the terminal, as I find the visitor center a quieter place to park for the night.

Oh, it feels like I am back in winter. It is a cold morning! At this time of year, there are only a few ferry crossings. It will take me an hour and a half to cross to Nova Scotia and another three hours to drive to the ferry at North Sydney. I still want to stop for groceries and find a place to shower.

A nice hot shower—what a simple privilege. When I took my last shower in my apartment before I embarked on my journey, I knew I was giving up the one pleasure I truly enjoy every night before bed. It was a ritual that I miss dearly. Today, a hot shower at any time of the day is a privilege I sincerely appreciate.

By eight, I am at the ferry terminal enjoying a clean bathroom and a warm place to eat breakfast. It is always a bonus to find WiFi. I have two hours to catch up with my writing.

I have a new challenge that makes things interesting and, at times, extremely difficult. My Jackery (power station) is barely charging while I am driving. I did contact Jackery, and they are happy to exchange my unit, but that will happen only when I get home in mid-September. Until then, I need to be creative and willing to ask for help.

That is exactly what I did! The crew at the terminal are amazing. They quickly get a radio call to the maintenance guy to find an outside outlet with a 100-foot cord so I can boost my Jackery. People are beautiful no matter where I go! Thank you, Northumberland Ferries employees!

As I leave the ferry, a flock of ducks fly above the blue water, welcoming me to Nova Scotia. It's a drizzly day, cold and gloomy, and I hope my happiness will balance the universe.

It takes me an hour to cross over to Cape Breton Island and I get glimpses of the beauty I will experience when I return in early July: mountains, blue waters, and endless green trees.

By the time I set myself up and run all my errands, which always take much longer on the road, I am too tired to check if I can park for the night at the ferry terminal. The Walmart parking lot will be good enough for tonight.

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