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Echoes of Connections: Lubec and Stonington, Maine

Maine welcomes me with heavy fog and rain. It's the second day now that the little town of Lubec is gray. Honestly, I don't mind. There is still magic to a coastal landscape, even with fog. It forces me to rest and regain my energy.

I am staying at West Quoddy Station Lodge. It used to be a Rescue Life-Saving Station. It is a simple accommodation and is perfect for what I need. It is located only five minutes from Quoddy Head Lighthouse and State Park. Perfect!

Good morning, lovely sun. Thank you for chasing away the fog. It is time to explore Quoddy Head State Park. There are several paths in the park. I take my time going along the ridge and down to the rocky beach.

I have traveled through Maine many times in the past. I love Maine! Now that I have experienced the Oregon Coast and Newfoundland, Maine feels like a sweet mini version. If you find yourself in Maine, make sure to include Baxter State Park and Moosehead Lake.

One of my trips to Maine was with my boys in 2021. We traveled along the coast of Maine. When I learned that Acadia National Park has three parts to it, Mount Desert Island, Schoodic Peninsula near Winter Harbor, and the island of Isle au Haut, we made sure to visit all of Acadia's locations. If you want to experience Acadia National Park intimately, drive to Stonington, a small and quaint town, and take a ferry to Isle au Haut. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

A few months ago, I received a friend request from Debra. I am diligently cautious about accepting friend requests. If I can't link a profile to any of the Facebook groups I belong to, I decline the request. Debra's profile linked us to a mutual friend, Sue. Sue has followed my journey from the start, and we formed a friendship. So, I felt safe to accept her request.

In one of my posts about Newfoundland, Debra asked a question as she is also planning to travel in July. Since it was much easier to get on the phone and answer her question, we jumped on a messenger phone call that bound us as we shared the same outlook on life. We realized there is a chance we will cross paths and stayed in touch.

I am happy to make a slight detour to meet Debra, especially if it puts me back in Stonington.

Connections and friendships are undoubtedly my favorite things. From the beginning, they have been the most beautiful gifts in my journey on the open road.

It is a pleasure to get to know Debra and learn how she creates her nomadic identity. Last year, Debra worked at the Opera House. She is back to visit and support her friends as they put on a new play.

It has been quite some time since I last attended a play, so I was truly delighted to join Debra for the World Premiere of 'Salvage', directed by Kathryn Markey, at the historic Opera House. This compelling play by Lena Kaminsky left me utterly speechless.

About the play: "Three people cross paths at the garbage dump in their small town. Amid cardboard boxes, beer cans, and discarded mirrors, we and the characters learn about connections and what it means to really be seen."

Honestly, I am in awe! From the start, Carla (Eva Kaminsky), Kenny (Chris Thorn), and Elaine (Adinah Alexander) captivated me emotionally. The clever use of mirrors to express our emotional struggles with ourselves is brilliant. The narrative, rich with themes of resilience and transformation, engages me on multiple levels, making each moment resonate with a sense of profound insight. Bravo!

Tonight, I have a roommate—a beautiful moth who doesn't want to go out and fly into the night. He let me get up close so that I am sure he can feel my breathing. I can see all the little details of his being and am fascinated by his beauty.

I ask my little moth if he also has a mind that constantly thinks and analyzes life. I asked: ‘Hi, little moth, are you also aware of your deepest emotions? What do you do when you are scared? Do you also push on?’ He just moves his antennae and leaves me with an unanswered question.

In the morning, my moth rests on my back door, which I open for him to fly away...

I have a driving day today, or as I call it, my landscape movie. My destination is the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

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