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Galveston Island, Texas (3)

It's a bit of a foggy morning, but I can still see that going out of my car will be a battle with a million mosquitoes surrounding it. During the night, I realized something is not right. I feel all the bites on my body and the many little bumps behind my thighs. I know I need to make changes in my plans. I need a good shower, and I need to assess my achy body. Somehow I am getting two bars for reception, and I can make a reservation at an Airbnb in Galveston. Unfortunately, my original plan of camping along the shore is out the window (I'm so glad I got to experience at least one night camping on the beach). When I finally get a chance to stand in front of a mirror, it's not a beautiful site. I can see all the mosquito bites, but there is also a weird rash on the back of my legs. Later that night, I realized I had no choice but to visit the ER. After a steroid shot and an antibiotic for the rest of the week, I'm starting to feel relief.

I know I will have a few bumps along the way. I was just hoping they would not happen so early in my journey.

I am heading towards Galveston Island. At one point, I got on a ferry and enjoyed dolphins jumping in the water while pelicans were flying around.

It is not the first time I'm following Google Maps, but because of the new surroundings, I'm not always able to keep up with the correct streets or highways. Usually, when that happens at home, I become anxious that I'll get lost. Now I am on the road to a new place I have never been. I realize I cannot really get lost. I don't even know where I am!😆 It's funny how sometimes all you need to do is change the way you think, and the situation becomes easier to deal with.

I love Galveston! History is everywhere you go. I'm touring the Bishop's Palace and enjoy every minute of it. When I got to the second floor, some of the walls took me back to one of my projects I painted many years ago when I was a faux finisher. The wall's colors and texture are similar to those I created for one of my clients. It's a nice feeling.

Just driving around the island is an exciting ride. The different houses' styles and the layers of history it in every corner. I like the structure of the street's name. Here the street goes by numbers and alphabet. It does help me to get a better bearing on where I am and a chance to practice my alphabet! 😆

I am on my way to Padre Island. I chose to take the longer route since it would allow me to enjoy many scenic roads. Here I'm again, passing another oil refinery. I'm not sure what I feel. It's a tad eerie seeing those massive structures; interesting enough, I can also see the artist's possibilities they can present. At one point, all I see are miles and miles of flat land around me. What struck me was how the flat land provided me with immense blue skies and fluffy white clouds; what a stunning view!

I love driving in Texas. I appreciate the permission to drive fast. I am not used to being allowed to drive 75 miles per hour. For me, speed, my music, and the open road are the perfect recipe for freedom.

Note: Sometimes, you will see posts coming one after another, and sometimes they have days or weeks between them. It's all due to time and accessibility to Wi-Fi.

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Nov 15, 2022

We know there are always bumps in the road but here they are all over your body. …….. glad a trip to the ER took care of it. Love following your adventure. I know it’s a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier for you. Judi

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