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Glacier National Park, Montana (2)

The rain finally stopped at night. It is another early start. By six a.m., I am on the road heading towards the Many Glacier Historical Hotel parking lot. As I drive, the early morning sun starts to shine. No, please don't go away! Well, the sun stays in its place, I am the one that is driving toward the heavy dark clouds and skies. By the time I find parking, it is pouring rain. I am still trying to figure out what to do; making breakfast is out of the question in this rain. I put on my rain gear and entered the hotel to check out my options. As I pass the hallway to the dining room, a large window exposes Grinnell Point Mountain as a sunbeam hits it shining its glory for a few minutes. Now that is exquisite, and a reward for an early start!

I decided to sit down for a hot breakfast buffet. I am hungry and ready for a hot cup of coffee. The tables are close to each other, so it is natural to wish good morning to my neighbors, a young couple from Austin, Texas. Of course, I share my beautiful experience in Texas with them and offer a few places to check out in their state.

That was a very filling breakfast. I also want to make a sandwich for lunch, but I need something to wrap it with. The waiter asked if I would like a coffee to go, and I asked if I could get an empty cup to take some eggs instead. When I returned to my table, the young couple left (unfortunately, we never introduced each other by name). I asked for my check to find out that they paid my bill. That is the second time in the last six months that has happened to me. I am honored by this gesture and humbled by the gratitude that fills my heart. Of course, I left quickly, trying to find them to thank them for their generosity, but no luck.

This journey has proved to me again and again that at the end of the day, the human being's core is kindness!

By the time I finish breakfast, the rain finally stops. I am back at my car putting some of the eggs in a ziploc bag, chopping some red onions, squeeze some mayonnaise and I have an egg salad to put in a wrap for lunch. Yummy!

If I thought yesterday was windy, today is a cyclone! I have difficulty keeping my hand steady while taking pictures; that's how windy it is.

I am grateful for the "new" me. I am wiser! I chose to let go of the Grinnell Glacier Trail. I am learning that life doesn't need to be right or wrong, it just needs to be in the middle. My back is not in a good place. I am trying to slow down, but it is not happening. I need to do better.

The hike to Grinnell Lake starts from the hotel, and is an easy hike. It still puts me in this gorgeous landscape, which is where I want to be!

The hike is beautiful; it is still early morning with only a few people on the trail. Most of the path is narrow, and when I descend, another couple ascends, creating room for a conversation. Allie and Andrew are from Denver. We share our passion for nature, hiking, and lessons on letting go of things in life. We agree that it is a winning decision and not a defeating decision.

When I get to Grinnell Lake, I have the place to myself. Oh, I cherish this moment so much! To be present as silence wraps me with a warm hug while standing in a landscape that takes my breath away is always a special gift. In front of me is Salamander Falls melting away from the glacier that feeds their cascading journey.

By the time I am back at the hotel, it is only two in the afternoon. The wind is still blasting in the air, and after eight miles, I am spent. I take the opportunity to find a quiet corner to sit and write this post.

The weather forecast for tomorrow calls for sun and a perfect cool temperature - I do hope so! It is another early start, since I have over an hour of driving to the parking place for the Avalanche Lake hike.

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