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Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas (11)

It was a good "work" week. Finally, I got to the point of dividing Alaska into four sections. The wind eventually calmed down, and the sun is out. It will be a great day to travel, as I am heading to Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

I chose the scenic route even though it's slower and longer. Wow, it's so beautiful driving through the mountains (Rt 118 N from Fort Davis). There is still evidence of the snow from two days ago. l love how it adds an extra flavor to my view. The mountains fold into each other, creating shapes and movements. I am the only one on the road and I love how it makes me feel that this is all mine! It is incredible to be part of this scenery!

At one point, I looked in my side mirror and saw what I had left behind. I am engaging myself with absorbing emotions. It feels like I'm leaving my past behind to follow my future. I am not sad or mad about my painful past. I have almost reached the final point of accepting it all for what it is. After all, it gifted me the resilience I need to be on this journey.

There is a high wind warning for today. 35 to 45 mph, with gusts up to 65 mph. The next day the winds will be 40 to 60 mph with gusts of 70 to 85 mph. I am sadly aware I will not be able to hike to the "Top of Texas." I arrived at the park early enough to hike 4.5 miles to Devil's Hall. Halfway to Devil's Hall, I meet Taylor and Brenda, a lovely young couple who are moving to Florida and making their way on a road trip. They left Washington state a month and a half ago. We are having an in-depth conversation on injustice and inequality.

I'm so glad we bumped into each other because I can continue the hike to a section that I know I would be too afraid to do if I was by myself and would miss Devil's Hall.

Back at my campsite, I tried to cook dinner. It takes much longer this time because the wind is so strong. I love my campsite spot and am surrounded by majestic mountains and serenity. The only sound around me is the blasting wind. I had never experienced such strong winds. At home, the building around me usually muffles the sound. I don't find the sound of the wind eerie or scary. It is an enjoyable sound of the wind playing with nature. It is a message of power and strength. I climb into my car quite early to get protection from the wind.

I am lucky to have situated my car, so I can lie on my bed and see the sunrise. Oh my, how blessed I am to have a front-row seat to the beginning of the day! The orange-pink coming through the dark shadow of the trees takes my breath away. I feel so alive!

My plans for today need to be changed, so instead of hiking up, I will explore going down. I am heading to New Mexico to Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

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