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How I plan my travels and Fountain Hills, Arizona

Fear again is gripping my heart. I started to notice a pattern with my emotions. I get this nagging fear whenever I am back in the comfort of a home, whether staying with friends or at an Airbnb, knowing I'm about to be on the road again. No, I'm not avoiding this feeling, and I'm not ignoring the message. But I need to remind myself that I used to be an intimidated person, which is part of what I was and not what I want to be. Every time I push the envelope a little bit further, I slowly release that choking feeling that I get. The moment I am behind the wheel and again traveling on my own, the fear dissipates, and the wonder and happiness of traveling to uncertainty welcome me again into my new me.

Solution: Stay out in the wilderness 😉

My time spent at Gina and Bob's house was fun and productive. Thank you, Gina and Bob, for your generosity and hospitality. You made me feel at home and welcome. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was so wonderful to see Shane and Ryan so grown up.

The small town of Fountain Hills is a true gem. It was a great pleasure to be part of this community, even for a short time.

I am "working" on understanding some of my destinations, and I do mean working. I spend 6-8 hours a day researching and finalizing my plans on my computer. Unfortunately, some places require months of planning and advance reservations if you want a chance to see them. Therefore, you need to know when you can make your reservations ahead of time so you have a better chance of getting a camping site.

At this point, I created a system for myself that helps me navigate this process. I am an avid hiker, so most of how I want to experience my travel is through hiking. I will share my system with you, and I hope someone may find it helpful as well:

Let's take, for example, Glacier National Park. There are many hikes to choose from and several campground options. From what I read, the traffic in Glacier is a nightmare, so I want to make sure I travel the least amount as possible. I start by reading blogs about the best hiking trails in Glacier. I then search Youtube as well for suggestions. I am a visual learner, so I must understand my bearings using maps. After deciding which hikes I would like to enjoy, I create a folder on my AllTrails app for Glacier. For this part, I prefer to use Alltrails on my computer. When I am finished creating my list, I open it and use the map to understand where they are located. This information helps me to determine which campgrounds are nearby. Next, I gather information on the campground and what sites I would like to reserve. Then I will open Google Maps to understand the distance from where I am coming from and where I am going after. This gives me the knowledge if the day of arrival or departure can be a hiking day or just time to explore my surroundings.

I need a break! I find a group hiking near me on Meetup, so I join in.

The hike is at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. It's easy and short, but that is all I have time for now. Well, I am so happy I took this break. I have the privilege of meeting Caroline! I invite Caroline to join the hike I plan to do the next day, Butcher Jones at Saguaro Lake.

I am so glad I have another opportunity to share nature with Caroline. We are both blown away by the beautiful surroundings. It is hard to believe we are in the desert part of Arizona. Every turn on the trail reveals another picture-perfect art.

It is time to pack my car and hit the road again. I am heading to explore Tucson to Bisbee area. I decided to go without any plans or reservations. I want to experience traveling with the wind. I wish to practice boondocking as much as possible. All this uncertainty does make me nervous, but I know the more I experience these challenges, the more comfortable they will become.

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