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I turn on the engine, and here I go.

My story? Let's start by indicating this is not a story of a rich woman having fun. It's about a simple woman on a badge trying to allow herself to make a dream come true through discovery and adventures.

I turn the engine on, and here I go. The last month of worry is melting slowly, and a big smile appears on my face. I turn on Google's directions and my favorite music. Half an hour into the ride, I feel like I need to symbolize the beginning of this journey in a meaningful way, and I turn on the audible book of Brené Brown "Atlas of the heart."

Many roads brought me on this journey. Some were more challenging than others; some were happier than others. But one thing is for sure the missing piece in my puzzle: I discovered four years ago, Brené Brown. Her work and research gave me the tools and language to understand ME, my emotions, and my feelings.

Her years in research on shame, vulnerability, and leadership, gave me what I needed to continue with my self-growth. One thing I always thrive on is there is no end for one to improve and learn until it's time to say goodbye.

So here I am, finding myself on a beautiful journey to live a wholehearted life and feeling that I am enough for the first time in my life.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile-long scenic road through Virginia and North Carolina. It's a winding road with a speed limit of 45, with many stops on the way for spectacular views and hiking opportunities.

I started on the north end of it, taking my time to enjoy the ride. I stopped along the way to camp for the night. Each night I enjoyed creating a new friendship. I love this part of my journey! There is magic when you start talking with a stranger and find you have much in common.

I enjoy hearing about other people's travels and their life. We all have a story to tell and to learn from each other.

While driving, I came to three, not one as I expected I would need to do… Three was the number of detours I had to go through on the Blue Ridge. Initially, it threw me off balance, and I felt I was losing control, but then I realized 'who was I kidding?'. I lost control the moment I left home for this journey (not sure even how much control I had before). I always associate detours with negativity. Well, not anymore. Each detour took me on a country road with farms and cows in the meadow, going through tiny little towns. I love seeing how we all live differently.

I am unsure what my emotions are right now. I'm back to being anxious. I know it started on that freezing morning on Friday. I knew that challenges would come my way, but this one was difficult. It's affecting my movements and causing stiffness in my back, so adding pain is not helping; everything is going even slower.

I am worried about how it will be camping in the wilderness for eight nights with such low temperatures.

I'm looking forward to being at one with nature and hope to find the emotional strength to do it.

I will keep you posted 😊

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