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If you are following my story, here is an update.

I LOVE my nomadic life so much that I decided to continue my travels with no end date for now. Traveling was always a passion of mine. Every time I was on my way home from an adventurous trip, I wondered why I was going back. I feel so alive and free on the road; happiness has a different meaning and perspective. I know I was taking a big chance by renting my apartment and giving myself a year of homelessness. After all, a year is not two weeks. I knew I would like it, and the chances were high that I would be okay with a year on the road. I didn't expect to find such a new and deep sense of purpose to find my true authenticity and live a wholehearted life as I do now.

I will return home (NY) in mid-September to purchase a bigger vehicle (minivan) and convert it to a micro camper. My Mazda is great, but it is quite the challenge with bad weather. I need a space where I can at least sit and move a bit while I am forced inside due to harsh weather.

Before I left, a few people told me I would not be the same person when I returned. Honestly, I couldn't understand what they were telling me. However, by the third week, I could feel my attitude shifting and my thought process taking a new approach. I welcome all with open arms. The time alone and plenty of space I had with myself opened a door for self-healing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get to a place in life where I would have genuine compassion toward my ex-husband and my dad instead of anger and pain.

The request to blog about my travels came from friends who wanted to follow my journey. I never wrote before; English is not even my first language. I am so grateful for the push to write. I found a new passion and a new tool to express myself. I found writing to be cleansing and a direct way to understand my emotions. I honestly can't explain the inner urge to share it with the whole world to read. I can tell you I was in a constant debate with myself. Being so vulnerable took a lot of courage, and I often stared at the "publish" button and couldn't push it to go into the universe. I know I would not be on this journey without the inspiring stories of so many women, especially the book "Wild," which changed my life upside down in the most beautiful way.

As I continued sharing my journey (I post on my website, my Facebook page, and four solo travel women's groups on Facebook), the responses and comments were clear and wonderful. I am giving back what was given to me—the inspiration to others to pursue their dreams. My honest and raw emotions give others the feeling they are not alone. You can understand what it is to live a nomadic life through my eyes, and I hope it helps you decide if nomadic life is suitable for you as well.


Can you believe it? It has been eight months now. It has been a pleasure taking you all with me along my adventures. My next leg of travel will be more challenging with posting (especially as I enter Canada). I will do my best to continue posting on all the different platforms. I feel so grateful for all the likes, comments, shares, and above all, the beautiful connections. This community has already been a tremendous support that I cherish deeply.

It's funny how I feel like I know you all personally, and I am happy to continue sharing my journey with all its ups and downs.

Here's to our continued travels and writing together - may we cross paths through the next post or a future hike together!

Tip from my experience: I shared this tip at the beginning of my travel; this trick works so well for me that I thought to share it again.

I take two to three over-the-door bathroom hooks to the campground bathroom, so I have a place where I can hang my clothes or any other bags I don't want to put on the ground.

You are welcome to share!

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