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Introducing additional content to my posts with exclusive videos of my travels.

I share my journey freely on Substack, my primary blogging platform. For those who find joy and inspiration in my work, I'm beginning to introduce additional content to my paid subscribers starting with exclusive videos of my travels.

Opting for a paid subscription not only enriches your experience of my travels, but it also sustains my creative endeavors. If you enjoy my stories and wish to dive deeper, upgrading to a paid subscription on Substack is the best way to stay connected and support my journey.

My visit to the French Quarter in New Orleans was for sure one of a kind. The energy in the street is hard to describe since it involves delicious smells, sounds, and visions coming from all directions. I hope this short video of one of the bands on the street will let you feel those sensations (the smell part, you will have to trust me on).

As I entered St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square, I was struck by the contrast of going from a party mood to a holy spiritual reflection. The ceiling above me got my attention. I hope my short video can provide you with the beauty I witnessed and admire.



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