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Jasper National Park, AB, Canada (3)

Pyramid Island, Valley of the Five Lakes, and Edith Cavell Meadows Trail.

I get an early start again to avoid the crowd, but now I am also trying to avoid the mosquitoes. Luckily in the last week, the weather was cold at night where I sometimes need to wear my winter jacket and hat. I prefer a cold night over a hot one. As long as it's cool, the mosquitos are nowhere to be found.

On my agenda today is the Pyramid Lake region. As I drive to Pyramid Island, I quickly understand there is little to do in that region. The ranger at the visitor center recommended seeing Pyramid Island, and I agree with her, it is a beautiful stop, but only if you have extra time in Jasper.

Pyramid Island is named after the grand peak of Pyramid Mountain that rises above the lake shore. I don't think my picture captures the mountain's colors. The red pigment with a hint of orange blending into the gray mountain face is striking.

It is already ten in the morning, and the Valley of the Five Lakes parking lot is almost full. Oh well, I guess I need to learn how to share Jasper with everyone else. The hike is a loop trail that goes from lake to lake. Oh my, the reflection in the water is sharp, mirroring every detail and color. I am always mesmerized by the images floating in the water. I can sit for hours gazing at the water.

Whistler Campground is enormous! My site is at the old section where I am in the shade. Most of the sites at this campground are in the sun. It is so big that this is the first time I need to wait in line to take a shower.

I love waking up early to welcome the day! The morning light gently comes behind the mountains as I drive to Edith Cavell Meadows Trail. Be prepared for a windy road as you drive to Mount Edith Cavell. I love windy roads. It is like opening a gift wrapped with many layers of wrapping paper, and in the end, there is always a sweet surprise.

This hike is in the direction of up! There are two peaks you can hike to. The higher one will get you to 7506 in elevation. The hike is strenuous! There aren't any switchbacks to soften the climb. The lower peak is at 6952 elevation. At this height, your view can only be gorgeous! Since I am on the trail early enough to be hiking by myself, except for the sound of my bear bell, I am rewarded with the music of the waterfalls and the cracking of the ice echoing in the valley.

Often when I hike, when it is just me and nothing else, I feel hugged by mother nature, feeling small but mighty. I have the opportunity to have a private room in my head. My mind is as clear as the fresh air on the top of this mountain, and I have a clear path into my thinking and my awareness.

I think and reflect on my past. I always find that the most painful relationships that fell apart are the ones that gave me the most gifted experience and knowledge about myself. They are the ones responsible for my resilience and my courage. The only value I would like to take from my hard lessons is the value of happiness, and it is my responsibility to give it to myself.

I am back in town and it is time to get new ice into my cooler. I love the new everyday challenges I have to deal with. Life is good!

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