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Kootenay National Park, BC, Canada

I woke up to another beautiful morning. I am taking the day to drive to Sandra's while visiting Kootenay National Park. I was planning to hike to Stanley Glacier, but it is another challenging hike, and after yesterday's hike, I need a few days of rest. I have the willpower to handle challenging hikes, but unfortunately, my body protests.

From the moment I entered Kootenay National Park, I am blown away by the beauty here. It's hard to believe that I only drove over thirty minutes, and my landscape changed. Even though I never saw a photo of Stanley Glacier, I know I am missing a great hike when I pass it.

My first stop is Marble Canyon. It is still early in the morning, so I have pretty much had the place to myself. It is a short walk on a well-maintained path. My goodness, this is a must-stop! The sound of the water going through the canyon is incredible. The sound slices the air in a roaring power that leaves you bare naked to be simply grateful.

I return to my car for a short drive to the trailhead of Painted Pots (small ponds that are iron-rich mineral springs). A short muddy trail will get you to a few tiny ponds that seem very dirty. I get more excited by the little stream that flows down nearby. The color is so rich and bold, creating the perfect terracotta color.

I follow the signs for my next stop, Numa Falls. The Canadian rivers know how to create beautiful and powerful waterfalls for sure! Numa Falls cascading on Vermilion River is another gorgeous stop at Kootenay National Park. It was a perfect stop for my lunch break as well.

I still have over an hour to drive to Invermere. At that point, I go for it, driving and watching the movie of my landscape.

There is no service in Kootenay NP. Before I left in the morning, Sandra messaged me she is a bit under the weather. Back in Lake Louise, it seemed like she might be coming down with something. Twenty minutes before I got to her, she texted again, saying she has a cold and tested for covid, which is negative. I see only one solution. I stop at the first supermarket I find and get what I need to make Sandra a healthy chicken soup.

I know Sandra has so many plans for us and places she wants me to see, but now she needs to rest (something she doesn't know how to do), and I need time to catch up on my writing and figure out my route back home.

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