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Morro Bay, San Simeon, and Ragged Point, CA

You definitely can't miss the giant rock resting quietly at Morro Bay. I make Morro Bay a lunch stop. It is, after all, on my way to San Simeon.

Oh my, Rt 1 is stunning! I stay on the right side, letting everyone pass me. I don't want to rush my drive and knowing where I will stay tonight gives me the freedom to relax. I stop at Cambria to check a parking spot I found on iOverlander (an app that helps find free places to camp/stop for a night). It would be perfect if I could park there tomorrow because they have facilities there. Unfortunately, there is a sign stating "no overnight parking", so I will have to figure out another place to stay.

I am looking forward to seeing the elephant seals at San Simeon. I stop at the visitor's center to better understand the area. It is very windy and cold again, and I am back to wearing my winter gear.

I wish California could stay green forever! Having green as my second favorite color and seeing it all around me is a blessing. The cows probably don't know what to do with all this endless food!

I drive along Rt 1, stopping at every opportunity I get.

There are moments when a landscape simply takes over my soul. I park at the Inn at Ragged Point and walk around. It is the last stop before the road is closed due to weather damage. Standing at Ragged Point takes my breath away. How the mountains meet the ragged shore is gorgeous. The endless sea brings pure joy to my heart, and the amazing feeling of my mom's presence hugging me is such a comfort. I let my tears flow like a river. I am wondering whether my life will continue to be so beautiful.

Camping in the wind is challenging, but cooking in the wind is torture. When I checked the menu at the Inn and found out they have crab cakes, that was enough to convince me not to cook tonight. These are the best crab cakes I have ever had! I decided to try and see if they would let me park overnight at the parking lot. It turns out that for $40 I can, and there are facilities nearby. That could be a plan B if I can't get another night at the campground tomorrow night (I love it here so much that I am changing my plans and will stay in this area for another day).

Before I go to watch the sunset, I stop to check into the campground and inspect my site. I also ask for availability for tomorrow night, which they do not have. No problem, after all, I have plan B!

I drive to Moonstone Beach to enjoy a walk on the boardwalk and see the sunset. The wind is not easing up as I stand shivering, watching the sun slowly disappear into the horizon, leaving warm shades of orange all over the skies.

I am so happy to be camping again! It's another cold morning, but I still love it! I decided to go back to one of the trails I liked yesterday, the Boucher Trail. This trail takes you to several lookouts to view the elephant seals. Today I am taking my binoculars with me. What a fantastic experience to see them like I am standing right beside them. I know for sure I cannot be like an elephant seal lying down all day!

I see a few cars parked along Rt 1 and people are returning from the beach's direction. There are only a few places to access the beach easily, so I decided to check it out. I have it all to myself by the time I get to the beach. As I step down the sandy path, I realize I will have difficulty finding my way back to this path, so I make an arrow with the driftwood to mark my spot.

The only sounds in my ears are the roaring waves. To my right are the crashing waves creating a white texture as they crash into the black rocks. To my left are the green mountains, all wrapped in blue skies. I feel complete.

I am back at Ragan Point Inn and desperately want to wash my hair. I find it funny the things I do today to keep me happy and clean. The public bathroom has a small sink, which is good enough for me. I am pleased with myself for figuring out a solution for tonight—a few more to go.

Early in the morning, I spoke with Juanita, and she reminded me of Hipcamp (finding a camping site platform). I actually used it on my first night on the road. Together we find a campground up the mountain of Carmel by the sea. Now I have a place for Monday night!

Since the road is closed a few feet from the Inn's parking lot, I enjoy a silent night at the foot of the mountains.

I am returning to Cambria to do laundry and sit in their library and catch up on my writing. I will also search for options for tonight.

Cambria is a small quiet town, which feels very safe. I decided to try my first attempt at stealth camping. A quick look at Google Maps shows me a local park which I decide to check out.

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