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Mount Robson Provincial Park, BC, Canada

I find my campsite and set camp. I am camping at Robson Meadows Campground, and it is super nice here. There's finally a Provincial Park Campground with a hot shower and flushable toilet. I got a break from the rain, so I rushed to cook dinner but was too quick to be wishful. The rain started again, so I give up and continue to cook, wearing my rain gear to keep dry. Water is not one of the ingredients in my recipe, but I guess it is now!

I wake up hoping for a dry morning, but the skies are still deep with gray clouds. I plan to hike to Kinney Lake, rain or shine, but first, I am returning to the visitor's center to watch a video on bear awareness. Before I left home, I took several online classes with Survival Med. Wilderness First Aid & Outdoor Safety, Bear Awareness, and Solo Women Travel. I learned a lot, but I need a refresher regarding bear awareness. Knowledge is power and I know it will help me ease my fears.

When I planned my visit to Mount Robson, my homework was not at my usual depths. I was a bit burnt out with trip planning. All I did was open AllTrails to check for hikes and save them to my folder. I should have invested more time in further reading and researching, as I usually do. Unfortunately, most of the trails in Mount Robson Provincial Park are closed due to rapidly melting snow and ice-caused flooding during the province's record-breaking heat wave in the summer of 2021. Usually, AllTrails will have a big red note next to the hike name, indicating the trail is closed.

The hike to Kinney Lake is along the Robson River, it is a fast-moving river, and its sound takes over nature's silence. Here and there, the sun is fitting its way through the clouds. As I get to a small clearing, the wind blows in my favor, and just for a few seconds, the mighty Mount Robson is revealing its white crown for me to be amazed. Wow, it feels like its mighty is part of the skies more than anything!

Even with the gray skies, Kinney Lake is worth visiting. Only a few people are on the trail, which makes me very happy.

I am back at camp, enjoying the quiet before I am forced into my car. I can't wait to have the minivan and build it for my needs. I know it will be a game-changer.

I am changing my plan as two days here is plenty. The weather is calling for more rain, so I will be ahead of schedule to Jasper National Park. I was able to get a bed in a hostel in Jasper for three nights until my camping reservation.

Just as I leave Robson Meadows Campground, the skies change their minds, and fluffy heavy white clouds take over the skies. Mount Robson appears in its glory. This mountain does feel more like it belongs to the skies than to the earth. Now, that is a happy ending to my visit!

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