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My Carpartment

Much thought went into creating my setup. Many hours of researching and YouTube for what would be the best for me and my needs. I am also on a tight budget, which was a significant factor.

I know things might change along the way, but this is my setup for now. The first challenge was getting everything to fit. I can say it's a miracle because somehow every item found its place! The next challenge is to remember where I put it all :)

Last weekend I did a "test" run. Unfortunately, I am having an issue with the fridge (in some photos). So I had to make a quick decision. I happily simplified it and got a Yeti cooler instead of a fancy fridge.

Sleeping on the bed is comfortable. I slept on the mattress at home to ensure I liked it. I don't feel claustrophobic, and it's nice and cozy.

I know getting into the camping grove and creating a healthy routine will take some time. So I hope to be patient with myself while I'm adjusting to it all.

Note on safety: I will mention in my posts my overall direction so I will have the beautiful opportunity to connect with some of you along the way. I will not post my location; all posts will be about places I have been.

I’m leaving from NY state heading toward The Great Smoke Mountains, so North Carolina and Tennessee, here I come.

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