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My reflection in the mirror winked at me and said, 'Babe, you are finally letting go.'

It is a mystical morning on this little island. The fog is heavy and thick. The horizon, with which I had fallen in love, is nowhere to be found. Only the shells swept ashore by the tide rest gently at the water's edge, visible to my eyes.

Truly, it's a magical morning. Not being able to see what lies ahead is a symbolic reminder of life's uncertainties. Uncertainties that once frightened me, but now excite me with wonder and curiosity.

My routine these days is that by seven-thirty, I am strolling the beach and getting my boost of nature to flow in my veins. Later, around four-thirty, I am back for a sunset walk. I walk seven to eight miles each day. For the rest of the day and night, I sit in front of my laptop and work.

Yesterday, I finished laying out my book. Wow, this is hard to comprehend - my book! I have been working nonstop, averaging 12 hours a day. I enjoy devoting myself to this creation. My accumulated skills over the years have given me the tools to create this masterpiece for which I am proud.

Good morning, sunshine! It is nice to see you this morning. It is never too late to love yourself. Only now can I understand what that means. Today, when I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful face and also the wrinkles I have earned. It almost feels like I am finally relaxing into my body and my feelings. My face is not tight anymore. My reflection in the mirror winked at me and said, 'Babe, you are finally letting go.' I welcome my wrinkles as they remind me of the challenges I have overcome and the beauty I now have.

I am not living my life so that others can love me. I am living my life so I can love myself. Only when I love myself do I give others the opportunity to love me.

How beautiful it is to start the day with a walk on the beach when the moon is still up in the sky. He smiles at me—no, wait. Why am I referring to the moon as 'he'? Yes, I prefer to think of the moon as she. I have always been attracted to the moon. She makes me feel small and mighty at the same time. She has pure power over me. How lucky I am!

The wind is blowing, the sea is rough, and the skies are heavy with blueish-gray clouds. I am unsure if the sun will peek through this morning, but I still turn in her direction, hoping to be blessed with a glimpse of daybreak's glorious light.

The hint of light brings such a calm peace into my heart and soul. The only noise is the peaceful sounds of the waves. The more I walk, the clearer and cleaner is the space I have in my head.

I go into deep thinking...

I have a profound and sincere sense of gratitude for this morning. I wonder if it is something I learned or something I have always had.

I know that gratitude can be acquired through practice, but I feel I was born with this quality. Even in the years that life challenged me the most, I found pieces of joy and gratitude for the little things in life. It is a blessing in my life that saved me so many times. It is a beautiful and powerful emotion!

I know you're all curious about when my book is coming out. The creation part is over, and now is the technical portion of this process. It is frustrating and overwhelming at times, but I will get there.

I will keep you all posted.

Happy New Year!

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