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Olympic National Park, WA (2 of 3)

I continue with my travel plans, but at a gentle pace. I am heading to Makah to get a permit to see Cape Flattery. Cape Flattery is the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States. Three years ago on my solo trip to Maine, I visited Lubec, the easternmost municipality in the contiguous U.S. I felt it fun to visit this place now.

Cape Flattery View Trail is an easy and short trail. As I walk through the row forest, I imagine the time for the Native American people that occupied this land, and give them all the respect they deserve.

What a piece of heaven! As I stand mesmerized by the insane beauty in front of me, I wave to Ramona as the mountains of Vancouver Island are a swim away (not really, it just sounds poetic).

The highlight of Olympic National Park was hiking Shi Shi Trail. It is a stunning place to see (according to the pictures on the web and from what I read). I don't have a reservation for tonight, and I was planning to camp at the head trial. Instead, I decided to drive to the campground I have a reservation for the next day with the hopes that my site or any site is available. Unfortunately, the campground is full. The campground host suggests a few campgrounds around that are first come, first serve. Even though it is already 6:30, I feel comfortable I will find a place for tonight.

This is perfect! It is quiet here with only a few people spread around and my spot gives me privacy. It's been two days since I have showered. After dinner, I get emotionally ready for a cold shower, and one two three, I am clean!

I need ice; keeping my cooler cold is a job in itself. The closest town is Fork, so here I am back in a familiar place. I also take the opportunity at the local library to sit and write. It is such a pleasure to find writing so relaxing.

It is another beautiful day here, and the sun outside is calling me. On my list is Sol Duc Falls, so I am heading in that direction. Now that is a scenic route! I stop at one of the viewpoint parking lots, and just a short walk brings me to a beautiful spot of the river flowing through the resting rocks; that is always a view that captures my heart. I can feel how cold the water is without even touching it. The clarity of the water is amazing. It is tempting to jump in for a swim.

As I continue my drive on Sol Duc Rd, I see a sign for the Sol Duc Hot Spring. It is already 6:00 p.m., but my muscles will appreciate it, plus I get to take a real people shower. I don't stay long as I still want to hike to the waterfall.

I love hiking in the woods in the early evening. The lighting is just perfect. As I get closer to the waterfalls, I can hear and feel the roaring sounds of water. Wow, this waterfall is full of beauty and power!

After a peaceful good night's sleep, I wake up and take my time to stretch and do my yoga. Today I'm checking out the nearby Lake Crescent and Marymere Falls. As yesterday's waterfalls were powerful, this waterfall is tall skinny and gentle. Its gentle fall on the black rock creates a beautiful contrast, with the green moss around elevating it to a perfect picture.

What a stunning landscape Lake Crescent is! Layers and layers of green mountains hug this lake. The soft wavy blue water and the blue skies with the few clouds floating, take my breath away. I can't resist and take my hiking boots off to feel the water. It is so refreshing!

Tonight I have a reservation at Log Cabin Resort and Campground. When I made the reservation, I wasn't expecting too much. This place is simple and beautiful, and my site is just a short walk away from the lake. Luckily, I secured another night here, but Saturday night is still a mystery as to where I will park for the night.

I know it seems I am doing a lot and not resting, but I do take the days slowly. My hikes have been more like gentle walks. So here I am, sitting at the restaurant Lounge with a stunning view riding out my pain, and loving it all. I will take the next two days to rest at this campground. Saturday is an errand day as I prepare to hop on the ferry to Vancouver Island on Sunday.

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