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Thank you to Cheryl Strayed

I am opening myself to the world, something I never considered doing. I like keeping my life private. I'm not usually posting about my life, like my trips (two weeks solo to Maine, cruising to Alaska with friends, or any other adventures along the way), and here I am committed to opening myself up raw to you all.


The idea to blog came from the request of so many people that I share my travel plans. Writing is not something that I do. It's all relatively new to me, not to mention English is not my first language. I never considered myself a source of inspiration to others, and here I am getting so many compliments for being an inspiration. What an honor!

Since childhood, I have been jealous/envious when I saw a person backpacking. I never thought it was possible for me (fear was crippling me from achieving this passion), and then I read the book 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed. Her story rocked the earth beneath me. I connected to her story in so many ways (I lost my mom when I was a teenager), and I have felt her pain all through my bones. I hiked with her every step along the PCT.

When I finished reading her story, I promised myself to push through my fear and pursue my deep desire to go backpacking. Her story inspired me to reach the moon!

I will never forget that beautiful September day (2016), me and my backpack hiking in the White Mountains, NH, a place I had never been before, a trail I had never experienced. Nothing is more amazing and empowering to me (except giving birth) than to be in the middle of nowhere with your home on your back. Just thinking of that day melts my heart.

In the last year, I've been following other beautiful, brave women's stories that helped me push on with presuming this dream of mine. Thank you to each one of you.

If my story can inspire you to reach your moon, it will be an honor and a privilege.

Photo: My first time backpacking, you couldn't take that smile away from me :)

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