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The art of an Iceberg, St Lunaire-Griquet NL, Canada

Good morning, sun! Thank you for coming to visit.

I feel human again, well, almost, but pretty close. I can't let this second day of sun go by without doing what I came all the way here to do.

I knew ahead of time that coming in June meant more chances of rain, but I didn't think it meant so many rainy days. So, even though I am not yet fully recovered, I can't let this beautiful day slip through my fingers.

I came all the way north to chase the icebergs. And that is what I am going to do! I booked a tour for 1:00, so I can have an easy morning.

It feels like it's my lucky day! I got a private tour. It is just me and my captain, Toby, from Daily Catch Ocean Tours.

Toby's boat is small; it can only take five passengers aboard. I find my spot, standing at the front, holding onto the bars to keep steady.

It feels so good to let the wind fill my lungs with fresh ocean air. My curls are having a blast with the speed of the gentle sea. Life is amazing!

Toby lets me know he will take me to a few nearby icebergs, and if I am up to it, we can go further to a bigger one. I don't think sweet Toby knows who he is dealing with—of course, I’m up to it! Yes!

What an amazing experience to see up close this giant white mountain floating on a blue sea.

The texture is so profoundly sharp next to the smooth sections of the iceberg. The sun plays a beautiful role, adding shadow and highlights. The sparkles of the sun's rays create, at times, a jewel in the water, like a sparkling diamond.

The colors are another gift in my life today. The green color at some sections of the iceberg is happy and vibrant. The skies are blue, mirroring the sea underneath them, and my white mountain is just a perfect picture to seal into my memory.

As Toby and I speed through the gentle waves, a few seals poke their heads up, and so does the lonely whale that joins them.

I came, and I conquered!

The giant white mountain floating on a blue sea, sweet Toby, and the rest of the icebergs I had the privilege to experience today, will go in my book as one unforgettable day.

Afterwards, I drive further to visit L'Anse aux Meadows, but at this point, I am out of energy. Therefore, it is a swift visit. Don't miss it if you come all the way north.

Is acceptance a virtue of strength or weakness? Back in October 2022, when I was six days into my journey, I learned the lesson of acceptance. It was a frigid morning. Struggling to get out of the somehow warm car to get breakfast going with frozen fingers was painful and far from my vision of life on the road. I realized I was not on vacation but on a life-altering adventure requiring significant adjustments to make the most of it. That included knowing when to let go and accept a new reality.

In the evening, I find myself back in bed, lying still with no energy to spare. As my little iceberg floats away toward the open sea, I realize I must embrace a new path. Now I understand the meaning of surrender: embracing a new path with peace in my heart.

Sadly, I need to shorten my exploration of Newfoundland. I hope that by the time I get to Nova Scotia, I at least have the energy to drive the Cabot Trail. I can always come back, but I feel it’s better to be on US soil for now.

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