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The Icefield Parkway, Jasper to Banff National Parks AB, Canada

I am back on Icefield Parkway, heading to Lake Louise. I turn off my music and let the quiet in the air help me absorb the landscape I am leaving behind. I want to capture the beauty around me to seal it into my memory. I do hope to come back one day. It is a magical place!

I plan to stop at a few places while traveling on the Icefield Parkway. My first stop is Stanley Falls. Oh, how this place reminds me of Maligne Canyon, only as a mini version. This time there are no crowds or fences. I hike along the narrow canyon, passing several waterfalls until I get to Stanley Falls. Each waterfall is beautiful and unique, creating different sounds and a different feel. I can't get enough of the water's color as it flows down the mountain.

My heart is peaceful as the endless mountains hug me on all sides. The silhouette mountains are sexy and wild. Their blue hues blending into the skies add drama and allure.

My next two stops are Peyton Lake and Bow Lake. Let's face it, you can't go wrong with a view of glacier mountains, blue skies, fluffy white clouds, evergreen trees, and the beautiful soft color of the lakes. Both lakes are stunning, but you have to bear in mind that you and the rest of the world want to enjoy this beauty. I know the crowd here is just a small taste of the crowd waiting for me in Lake Louise and Banff.

By three in the afternoon, I get to the visitor's center of Lake Louise, where Sandra and I set as a meeting place. It is so wonderful to see her again! She always knows how to make me laugh. We find the campsite and settle down. We make dinner under her canopy hiding from the rain. It’s a luxury for me to have shelter. Tomorrow, we have a reservation for the shuttle to Lake Louise.

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