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The Oregon Coast (3), OR

I desperately needed a rest! I slept for almost 10 hours in my little cocoon. It is funny that I sleep better in my little space than in my big bed back at home.

I am back on the trail! On this beautiful morning, I am hiking to God's Thumb. It is another uphill hike. Most of the path is under the trees until you get to the ridge, and you get that incredible feeling of power because you are at eye level with the clouds and the mountain in the distance. As you get closer to God's Thumb, the view of the Ocean welcomes you, but so does the blasting wind blowing me and my curly hair. Finally, as you start the last incline, you understand why this hike got its name. Oh wow, this is another stunning view of the Oregon Coast! As I reach the top, a spontaneous conversation starts with three young ladies. We hike back together. Hiking with youthful energy is so much fun! Addie, Carly, and Christina, it was a pleasure hiking with you.

I have time for another hike before heading to my next campground, Cape Lookout State Park. I'm hiking the Lower Cascade. It is another climb to the top of the world. Well, that is what it feels like when the terrain changes from hiking in the forest to being on top of a wide open ridge. The mountains spread far into the distance only to give me the appetite to return to Oregon and explore its lakes and mountains. Both hikes today were challenging but with gorgeous rewards. They totaled ten miles.

I get to Lookout State Park campground in the early evening. I set camp and made dinner before going to explore the beach. Unfortunately, I can't do that one. There are so many sandflies jumping all over. I have had enough bad experiences with them back in Texas; I won't do that again!

Who thought I would be forced into my car so early in the evening at the end of May because of the cold temperatures? However, as I am about to get in my car, my neighbors next to me invite me to cram into their Volkswagen van. Ginny and David are from Victoria. They are traveling south for a few weeks. We enjoyed a wonderful conversation and naturally exchanged phone numbers. I have the privilege to connect again with Char and Laura from Portland, who are camping a few sites over. I will ring them next time I am back in Oregon.

It is gloomy this morning; the sun is nowhere to be found. I have only one hike on AllTrials that is on my list. For the rest of the day, I decided to let Google Maps show me the way. Okay, I am adding this hike to my "favorites" list. Oceanside Beach Trail, was a wonderful surprise! After you pass through a tunnel, a beautiful beach reveals itself with rugged rocks and little islands. Yes, it is what I have seen all along the coast, but somehow this composite in front of me finds a striking way to my heart.

When I get to a certain point, I am unable to go further due to the high tide. I jump onto one of the rocks when the water folds back and gives me a second to climb up. My pelican friends are here again, flying an inch above the water with such graceful beauty! The white color created by the crushing waves adds another layer of beauty to this dramatic and magical canvas.

I took a quick look at Google Maps to get my bearings, and my options route to get to my next campground at Nehalem Bay State Park. Cape Meares Loop looks like a fantastic choice. Five minutes into my drive, I notice cars parking along the way. I stop to check out what the buzz is all about. It is the head trail to Short Beach. It is a small stretch of a beach with one tiny island nestling on the beach. What do I do? Well, sometimes my curiosity and my adventurous mind win over safety. I climb up, knowing in advance that the challenge will be coming down. I can tell you that I am still struggling with my fear of heights; coming down got my heart pumping high. It was worth it!

Next, I stop to check out Cape Meares Lighthouse. It is a nice place to stop and walk around. Unfortunately, I can't continue on Cape Meares Loop because the road is closed for repairs from storm damage.

I get to my campground late afternoon and walk on the beach for a nice long walk. The relaxed feeling I get from being next to the gentle folding waves is addictive. My site is five minutes from the sandy beach, so I return for a sunset walk after dinner. Another day comes to an end as the sun meets the ocean.

The sun is back this morning, warming the cold air. I plan to take another day of "what comes my way" and stop at several viewpoints and headrails. I am taking a short break to take care of life and will stay in an Airbnb for three nights.

I stop to hike Short Sand Beach, where many surfers enjoy the waves. The early morning is still full of the songs of the birds, and with the sound of the waves, it is a beautiful orchestra playing in harmony.

My next stop is Hug Point. Now that was fun! Another giant rock is blocking my way. It isn't low tide yet, but there are a few seconds where I can run fast enough to continue exploring Hug Point. I decided to take my chances. That was close! Mid-way, I had to jump on a rock to avoid being wet to my knees. Yes, I know the simple solution was to take my shoes off, but then I will miss the thrill and the challenge. Oh wow! I am rewarded with a private beach and a small waterfall!

That's a giant rock. Yes, I'm referring to the Haystack, another iconic wonder on the Oregon Coast. It might be my last stop on the Oregon Coast since I need time to fix my glasses that broke this morning. I also need an oil change before I enter Canada.

I will start my adventure at Olympic National Park in a few days. I can't wait to share it with all of you!



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