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The places I want to visit

The main idea is to follow the warm weather as much as possible. I'm not a big fan of the heat, and unfortunately, even though my favorite season to hike is in the winter, when the snow is on the ground, the cold gets my arthritis to flare up along with my pain level.

So, of course, the idea is to head west. Now that I'm traveling solo, I would like to revisit a few places and explore them from a different point of view. I have been touring the US since I landed here in June 1990. The tradition in Israel is to travel after our military service and enjoy life before returning to school or work. The destination for my ex and I was America; we bought a car and camping equipment and traveled the beautiful US for two months. So you see, I'm still doing what I came to do :). As a family, we continue to visit many places.

I need to go back to one particular place at one point in my life. Zion National Park and hike again the Angel Landing Trail. If you are unfamiliar with this hike, it's considered one of the most dangerous trails in the US. It's an exposed hike along a narrow and steep rock formation with stunning viewpoints, and guess who the F did it!!! I'm not a big fan of heights, and this hike was above and beyond my comfort zone; I did not let go of the chain along the trail. Nevertheless, I own this hike, the courage I gained from it, and the courage I later used to create a new and happy chapter for myself (My dear friend Shari pointed out that since my divorce, I'm not on a new chapter; I'm writing a whole new book, how true!). I want to experience it again, and hopefully, I can actually enjoy the view this time. The second and most important reason is to remind myself, "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't." (Rikki Rogers).

Grand Canyon would be another place I would like to see again. Santa Fa, San Antonio, San Diego, and others as well.

Some of the new places I would love to see are The Great Smoky Mountain, Asheville, Nashville, Memphis, Texas Hill Country, The Big Bend National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Taos Pueblo, Olympic National Park and Vancouver Island (and much more). And the jewel of this journey is traveling throw The Canadian Rockies to Alaska and ending up in Glacier National Park.

This is the overall plan, but I decided I'm approaching this journey with an open mind and flexibility to change things as I go.

Of course, I will stop in Boulder, CO, and San Francisco to visit my boys.

Then what? Too far to think about it. I'm assuming heading back home to plan my next adventure :) Or, who knows, maybe continue living a nomadic life for a bit longer.



Sep 21, 2022

Wow!! What an amazing adventure! Gila, you are an inspiration. I am looking forward to reading your blogs, checking out your amazing pictures and wishing I had your courage. Enjoy the journey. Namaste my friend!!


Sep 20, 2022

Love the pics of your set up!


Sep 13, 2022

Gila - great plan, great descriptions of your upcoming journey. Wishing you much luck and wonderful adventures.

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