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The Power of Story and Vulnerability on The Boomer Woman's Podcast

Many times, I wonder to myself, 'Why?'

Why do I put myself on such a raw display for the world to see into my soul?

The last twenty months on the open road have given me a wise gift: I understand the power of storytelling.

Each of us has a story, which is important in itself. Each story is meaningful, beautiful, and carries its own gift for the universe.

One crucial component that I discovered is the role of vulnerability in storytelling. By adding this layer and being willing to share who you are with honesty and kindness, you create unity and connection among humans. You let others know they are no different from you. You help create a space for someone else to know they are as enough as you are. You encourage someone else to empower themselves, as I have been by many others' stories.

And that is an amazing gift and a privilege I honor with deep heart and love.

It has been a pleasure to be a guest on The Boomer Woman's Podcast (episode 236).

It's funny how, by listening to it myself, I receive my own encouragement to stay on my path.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

With love and peace,


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