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This is not just my travel story.

PURE BLISS! I am so honored by my boy's and friends' excitement about my book. Those are the beautiful blessings in my life that I cherish the most.

So what is my book about?

It is a story about a year in my life as it unfolds. It is a story full of layers, colors, and depth. It is a story of a search for a brighter horizon. It is a raw and honest story of my emotions, struggles, and triumphs as I travel solo in my Mazda CX-5 that I converted to a micro camper. It is a story of beautiful friendships that, through their creations and openness, help me in my journey of self-healing and free me from the burden of emotional pain I no longer wish to carry on my shoulders.

You will join me in hiking mountains and experiencing breathtaking views, getting to know my past and witnessing my healing. You'll see my growth in understanding compassion and forgiveness, and observe as I evolve as a writer.

I hiked 700 miles, finding space and time for reflection and self-discovery. The hours on the road and the serenity of nature gifted me with clarity and peace.

I was only six days on the road when I woke up to a frigid morning. The struggle to get out of the somehow warm car and start my day was tough. Trying to get breakfast going with frozen fingers was painful. I realized this was not just a vacation, but a life-altering adventure, requiring significant adjustments to make the most of it. By the end of the first week, I started to notice what I was contributing to myself. A clear awareness and an open mind to accept things as they are.

Traveling 21,733 miles across the USA and Canada, I was living a dream, giving myself a chance to explore and grow.

This is not just my travel story; it is a narrative of self-discovery, embracing life's challenges and transforming them into steps toward a wholehearted life.

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