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Tides of Change: A Farewell to Canada

Given my condition, I am unsure how long it will take me to get to the ferry in Port aux Basques. In normal driving conditions, it is about seven and a half hours.

My three days of driving are mostly blue, and my landscape is anything but breathtaking.

I am tired of constantly making decisions, so I spent my last night at the same lighthouse where I was my first night on the island. This time, I have a clear view of the blue sea from my window.

I couldn't ask for a better evening to end my trip to Newfoundland. The full moon and a quiet sunset dance together, wishing me a farewell.

I lie down and think...

I sincerely appreciate one of my virtues, and that is my approach to the challenges life throws my way. The word failure is not part of my vocabulary. You can never fail when you let life teach you love, kindness, and strength. Now, I have data from almost two years on the road. I am not ready to fold away my chance to embrace freedom as I see it. I still want to give myself a chance to find my little cabin in the woods and be part of a small, simple community.

Without a doubt, I need to make changes and adjust accordingly.

My energy is still low. I drive and stop many times to rest on my bed. I pass the exit to Cabot Trail with a calm mind. I know I will make another effort to come to Nova Scotia in the future.

My next goal is to get to Maine to rest. Last night, just as I fell asleep, I remembered a lodge I stumbled upon during my two weeks traveling through Maine in 2020. It will be the perfect place to rest and recharge as I plan my next moves.

However, until I get to Maine, I make one stop as it is literally on my way.

I go to Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park to witness the power of the Bay of Fundy tides.

From Google: Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park is a stunning natural attraction located in New Brunswick, Canada. Known for its towering "flowerpot rocks," the park features dramatic coastal landscapes shaped by the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy. These tides are some of the highest in the world. It is possible to view the formations from ground level at low tide.

The beauty of this place is at low tide. I feel lucky the tide fits into my schedule and my energy level today.

It is so neat to walk on the soft and muddy ground, knowing I am walking on the bottom of the ocean. The seaweed on the side of the rocks is still wet, shining in the glittering sun. Watching the tide process happening right before me at such a rapid speed is fascinating.

I have a good night's sleep, and I wake up feeling a bit stronger. I open Google Maps to see my route and realize that a quick detour will take me through Fundy National Park.

I don't want to push myself too much, but I decided to stop at the visitor center to check if there's a short iconic hike. Dickson Falls is a short hike down wooden steps into what I can only describe as a secret garden.

Wow, the zen feel here is so strong! The gentle waterfall is only a small part of this creation. The vibrant green moss that covers almost every rock is the essence of tranquility. The contrast of the colors creates a relaxed atmosphere, and the sounds of the waterfall harmonize with the singing birds, sealing it all for me.

It calms my soul and gives me profound insight into how the last two months of stress and my health challenges have been another crush on my life. Here again, I am given the opportunity for self-growth.

This time it is squeezing me, and requires me to extend my compassion to myself. It asks me to keep embracing my fear to find my true self in my relationship with the universe.

Why is it so effortless to give compassion to others, but at times, it feels impossible to extend the same love to myself?

All the common sense in the world tells me that worry will not change the outcome of my project back home. Still, there is that old part of me that refuses to melt away. So often, I fall into my own rabbit hole of shame and disappointment.

Knowing it is my responsibility to stop these circles in my head, I pay extreme attention to my thoughts. At times, we are the ones who bring stress into our lives, and it is up to me to change that cycle.

I know it is easier said than done, but I do have the choice to cling to my fears or work to change my thought patterns.

It is a constant battle. I first find myself in my frustrated mind for longer than it should be. Slowly, I get to the point where I stop right away as the thought comes to the surface.

Slow and steady wins the race.

It is early evening, and I can easily enter the US in less than two hours. However, my heart is not ready to leave Canada. I find my little corner at the Digdeguash River Abandoned Bridge to boondock. Perfect!

Thank you, Canada, for your stunning landscapes and kind residents. My love affair with you will never end. I will return to venture into your magical land. You've allowed me to experience the beauty of colors through your breathtaking scenery and rich history. You let me walk on the earth's mantle and the ocean floor. You let me feel freedom in the stunning beauty of a giant iceberg. You reveal a wild and rugged beauty I will always cherish in my heart.

I enter the beautiful state of Maine this morning to regroup and rest.

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