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Tucson, AR

Good morning, lovely day! The sun is warming up the cold air as I head to Tucson.

My first stop is San Xavier del Bac Mission (thanks to all for recommending this place). 

I arrived on time for the free tour and learned about this mission's history and story. Wow! What a stunning building! In the past eighteen months, I have visited many churches, all unique in their own way. What captured me the most about this Church is the interior.

The details of the artwork and the curved wood blow me away. Even though the colors have faded by now, they still create a magical world of colors mixed with holiness. I can't even imagine the amount of time it took to create this space.

I am thirsty for a good hike. I opened my AllTrails to see what my options are. I want to find a hike that will take me up in elevation. I set my filters and made my choice. Bobcat Ridge and Starr Pass Trail Loop it is.

It is nice to be back among the cacti. Many kinds of cactus are part of my view, which makes this trail a garden of statues. By now, the sun had disappeared behind the cloudy day. What I appreciate is that it mutes the landscape palette and lets the green of the cactus stand beautifully in contrast to the brown backdrops of the rocks and mountains.

My thirst for a hike is to calm my stirring emotions. I am struggling with the "traveling with the wind" approach. The extra layer of uncertainty overwhelms me at times, and I find that I have a hard time staying in the moment.

I am not willing or ready to give up yet. I can see for sure that this time, I am on a different path in life. 

Last year's journey allowed me to peel away the layers of my past trauma. I feel it gifted me with an opportunity to go deeper into my pursuit of a wholehearted life. However, it also presented me with new emotional challenges. I am willing to accept the invitation to find the deeper meaning of life for me. Therefore, giving up is not an option right now.

The day comes to an end, and it's time to find a place to rest for the night. Since I was in Tucson last year, I know I have two good options. One, I can boondock or take a site in one of the cutest campgrounds. El Pais is a boutique motel and campground, it is a fabulous place that embraces the mid-century era.

Luckily, Toni (the owner) finds a small corner for me for the night. After I set camp and organized my van for the night, I went to greet my neighbors across from me. I am curious about their setup. 

Gina and Dewey are from Idaho. We spent a lovely evening talking about the little "toys" that help us make life on the road easier. I appreciated knowing that I am not the only one who recognizes that life on the road is hard work but absolutely worth it when we find ourselves in the magic of nature. 

My contact list is growing with beautiful invitations. If I pass through north of Idaho one day, I will definitely stop to say hi since Gina and Dewey are a pleasure to be around.

Rainy days are library days in my book, and now I am sitting in Casa Grande to catch up on my journal.

Later, I will meet Serenity, who is offering her driveway on the RTH map.

If I need any signs that I am on the right path in life, I am for sure getting them. Just a week and a half ago, I had the privilege of spending time with Destinee at her farm, and now I will have the privilege of getting to know Serenity.



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