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A Beach House Atmosphere

Living room

"I was in the process of moving when I met with Gila. It was a stressful time, and having Gila to guide me through the process of color selection for the various rooms in my new home was invaluable. Gila listened carefully to what I wanted and what I didn’t want, after which she was able to come up with the most perfect color options. She also helped me with design decisions, and I was amazed at how clearly she could envision the various (and best) uses of any space.  Gila quickly grasped the look I was going for and was full of wonderful ideas about how to make that look come alive.  I love coming home to what now feels like my own sanctuary! I didn’t know how incredibly helpful having a color consultant and an interior designer could be until I met Gila. Now I will never go through the challenging processes of paint color selection or design without her! I highly recommend utilizing her services! You will be so glad that you did!"

Pam G. - Mahwah, NJ


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