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Why Color Consulting?

Interior Design

Get expert advice on color trends & design

Picking the "right" colors for a new kitchen, a renovated home office, or the whole house requires matching the color palette of the rest of your home, understanding contemporary color trends and color interactions, articulating your emotions and aspirations for the room, and matching all of these up for that perfect hue. I help you navigate the mysterious world of color, offering not only expert advice on trends and design but helping to draw out your words, feelings, and dreams.

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Save time, money,
and hassle

Without guidance, designing and painting a new room often takes painstaking hours – testing out new colors, working with sample color swatches, and buying pint-size cans of paint to try on slivers of the room's walls – only to have to paint over it all once finished.

My job is to be the shortcut. I bring my own set of color swatches to each consultation and can deliver large color swatches directly to your home for free. When you are ready to begin your project, I can also get discounts on select paint and refer expert painters I know and trust.

Painting Wall

Be empowered in your home design project

My mission is to help clients feel empowered about their home design projects throughout the entire journey. By eliminating the uncertainty and the need to test dozens of colors before starting the job, you can feel confident that you're saving time, money, and hassle – and have chosen the perfect colors for your home.

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