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I never was a great student back in my school years, but I always made sure to be the best student in the classroom of life lessons. My life experience taught me the best lessons are gifts; even the most painful and harmful events in our lives can teach us if we choose to listen.

At a very early age, I learned that life events could throw you off in a second. My time as a volunteer ambulance driver consistently embraces that reality. But of course, for all of us, the pandemic is proof of the uncertainty life can be. 

I injured my back about three years ago, and it took me over a year to heal. Unfortunately, back pain is now part of my life, but I refuse to let it take over my life. I already had to give up two of my biggest passions, backpacking and volunteering as an ambulance driver.


After months in the making and a change in plans, I'm ready to hit the road for the next year or until I have had enough. The original plan was to get an RV and travel, but with the gas prices, I had to make some changes. Since the whole idea is about the journey, I changed the vehicle in which I'm traveling.


I took advantage of my petite size (4'11") and converted my car into a micro camper. I'm happy I'm simplifying everything. This journey is not about luxury; it's about being at one with nature, exploring new places, meeting people along the way, and creating new connections.


I'm excited and terrified simultaneously; there are many uncertainties ahead for me, new challenges, and scary moments not to mention some lonely times. But I'm ready to embrace them all because, most of all, I am terrified of not trying and giving myself this adventurous chapter in my life.

Gila's backpacking at the White Mountains NH
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