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Gila Melamed

Hi, I am Gila!
I offer in-home and virtual consultations for

Color and Home design wherever you are.
I live a nomadic life while traveling the beautiful US and Canada.
Pursuing a lifelong dream of exploring colors and nature.

Spirit Island, Jasper National Park AB  (July 2023)

Home Design & Color  Studio

Gila - The Nomadic Color Guru is the result of a 25-year career in color and home design. I help you navigate the decorating process making it easy, successful, and stress-free.


Together we can create the perfect color palette and decorating elements for your home or office that beautifully and precisely reflect your personal style. I offer expert guidance, advice on modern trends, and support throughout the whole process so you feel empowered to redesign a beautiful home.


I have helped many homeowners save time and money on their projects – with perfect end results! I now offer a variety of my services in-person and virtually, depending on where you are.


My goal is to help you create and realize your vision, exceeding your expectations.


Home Design For a Colorful Life!

"Of the many reasons to hire Gila, the most important is that Gila’s expertise eliminates guesswork, mistakes, and extra work and guarantees the success of a decorating project".   C.F Ridgewood, NJ

"Gila is a color angel sent down from the heavens to help this desperate, indecisive girl discover the perfect colors to transform our family's home.  I called Gila, desperate for help, and my God, did she help. She was a dream come true. A true delight to work with I'm so happy I gave up trying to pick colors myself and called Gila. She's so so so worth it. Call her- you will be delighted!"  M.M Ramsey, NJ  

"Gila really listened to our ideas. She was able to convert the ideas into stunning design elements and color recommendations. She understands the power of color and texture. The results were perfect!".      L.F. Wesley Hills, NY

"Gila gently took us into her thoughtful care and became our rescuer. She is a color savant. Almost instantly, the color(s) Gila suggested made us feel better and established that we were in good and knowledgeable hands. Her guidance has been priceless."    L.P Piermont, NY


"Gila listened carefully to what I wanted and what I didn’t want, after which she was able to come up with the most perfect color options. She also helped me with design decisions, and I was amazed at how clearly she could envision the various (and best) uses of any space. Gila quickly grasped the look I was going for and was full of wonderful ideas about how to make that look come alive. I highly recommend utilizing her services! You will be so glad that you did!"   P.G Mahwah, NJ

"Gila is the consummate professional! Prepared, on time, and always with ideas that were exciting and fit the look we were trying to achieve. She translated OUR vision into reality and did not impose a ‘designer’ look on us!"   K.K. Suffern, NY 

Houze Award 2023
Get expert advice on color trends & design
Save time, money, and hassle
Be empowered in your home design project
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