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A Journey Into My Soul: Embracing Vulnerability and Discovering My True Self.

Updated: Apr 13

Dive into the depths of my soul through my personal narrative, accompanied by an intimate recording. (see the link below for my newsletter on Substack )

After a restless night with very little sleep, I opened my laptop to record my feelings and thoughts.

I know I need to write this, but I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to share it…

As I continue to write and sit with this vulnerability, I realize that I have no choice but to share this, as this is who I AM!

I just finished listening to the book Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neal Donald Walsch, and I am stunned and speechless.

I mentioned in the past how writing and sharing is something I can't explain doing. While listening to the book, I found the validation I had always suspected was the source of my journey with writing

No, I didn't have a conversation with God, but I had what I can only describe as an outside voice forcing me to write and share. The more I tried to ignore it, the louder it became. There were times I felt like I was going crazy. I know it was real, but still, how could it be?

Neal's experience opened my understanding of my own experience. Even now, as I read my own writing, it feels as though someone else penned the words. When I sit to write, words just flow out of me. There are times when I finish a sentence and I am shocked by my own creation.

I am very aware that some of you may think I hit my head on one of my hikes, and some of you will have an "aha" moment that will open you up to your own journey with spirituality.

I don't have control over how you read my story, all I have is the power of how I write it. Judgment will always be there.

You know you are wiser when you understand that judgment is for someone else to carry and not for you to hold on to. 

That voice is my inner self, my higher self. We all have this gift when we are willing to open ourselves with full awareness of life.

Do I tell you I am fully embracing my gift? I can't, not yet. I am still finding my way into my own world of spirituality. I wholeheartedly want to surrender to the beauty of my soul.

In the past, when I found pure contentment, I was in nature. That is where I feel I belong to myself the most. For me, nature is my happy place, where I feel most alive.

So far this year, I don't feel I have spent enough time in nature. In the next few months, I will have more opportunities to do so and will have a chance to reconnect with my soul on a more profound level.

Why am I sharing my journey? I am just a simple soul, a living example to either inspire or ignore. But in sharing, we learn from each other, moving closer to a sense of unity and wholeness.

If last year was a journey of self-healing, this year is a journey into my soul. 

You can read all about my last year's journey in my book, I AM!: A Self-healing and Self-discovery Journey through Fear and Friendships. 

(Find it on Amazon)

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