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Boulder, CO (1)

Now I understand why Ron is insisting Boulder is my place. Living at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is a privilege! I am so glad to learn that the land around Boulder is protected land.

What is impressive is that I am staying about 20 miles from Boulder, and when I go for a walk in the neighborhood, I still enjoy those beautiful massive mountains, and how far they are from me, it feels like all I need to do is to reach out and touch the tip of them. They are so high that sometimes it is hard to determine where the clouds are and where are the top of the mountains.

Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was to see Ron. Even though we often Facetime, my smile takes up the whole space on my face when I see him. Oh, how much I miss him. It felt so good to hug him. I can't wait for Adi to join us.

I wish to spend every opportunity hiking, but I need to work and concentrate on planning my travels. It is so difficult for me to sit down when I know there is so much beauty outside. But, of course, I had already squeezed a hike on my second day.

After so many posts about my journey in the five Facebook women's travel groups, something extraordinary is happening to me. I am so flattered by it and truly honored by it. I am receiving requests to connect. I love this part of my travel so much. However, I am cautious and will go on a phone call or video call threw messenger before going any further.

I hope Kathy and I will find time to go hiking before she moves back to Georgia. Kathy reached out back in mid-November, and since then, we have been in touch. It would be wonderful to share a trail with her.

Trich contacted me with car camping questions, and we are meeting for dinner in a few days. I enjoy so much sharing the knowledge I have gained so far. I am glad she felt comfortable reaching out.

I am looking forward to meeting Di for a coffee as well. I would love to hear her incredible story.

From the beginning, Lee-Ann had been following my story, and her comments always feel like a hug. So we connected yesterday with a lengthy video chat. It felt like a conversation between old friends. I am looking forward to meeting Vicky when I get to San Francisco.

If you remember my posts from Padra Island and San Antonio, you will recall the beginning of my friendship with Ramona. We are making an effort to meet again in mid-January in Arizona. That would be truly awesome to see her again. I still keep in touch with Suzzane, Dawn, Brenda, and Tyler. It was so sweet to receive a text yesterday from Patti and Jim to ensure I am in a warm place with this cold front coming in (we met at McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, Texas). I am thankful to Ilene for answering questions about Alaska. I hope to meet her when I get back home. Also, I plan to camp with Michele and her group when I get to Quartzsite, Arizona.

Connection is the essence of life. I am so grateful and feel blessed with each connection with each friendship.

There are days that I am glad I am not sleeping in my car :). The cold front here in Colorado is a first for me. But it didn't stop me from venturing outside. There is nothing like a fresh layer of snow to brighten up my day!

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