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Enchanted Rock State Park, Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site TX, Texas (13)

It is going to be a very long drive today. I have seven hours of driving ahead of me, so I am on the road by 7:17 a.m. I am heading to Enchanted Rock State Park. It doesn't take long, and I am back in Texas.

The first two hours were very boring. Nothing much to see but flat land, oil drills, and a torch of fires. The scenery then changed, and I am traveling through Hill Country, which is so beautiful! Route 290 has many ranches. I slow down to enjoy the road and to have a better look at the ranches' gates. Each ranch has its own unique design and character. I know there is a story behind each gate, and I hope whoever lives behind the gate experiences love, peace, and victory.

Before I get to Enchanted Rock, I need to stop at a grocery store. Without really knowing the area, I let Google Maps guide me. It takes me to the town of Fredericksburg. I absolutely love the vibration of Main Street! It's like stepping back in time.

Finally, the sun is behind me, and I can take off my sunglasses. I preferred to see and feel the colors in their true state; especially now that the leaves are starting to change into a beautiful rust red. I find my sunglasses distort the true colors in front of me. Funny how it is also the same way I want to live my life - without any distortions. I want to feel all the emotions as raw as possible.

I opened the door to enter the Enchanted Rock visitor center to stand directly in front of, no other than Tyler. We start laughing and hugging. It is almost unreal. It is the third day in a row that we are bumping into each other!

Brenda and Tyler are rushing to the summit at the top of Enchanted Rock. Later, they stopped at my campsite to say goodbye. We learned that we were all heading to Austin, so we plan to meet in two days and visit the capitol building.

It is another cold night, and the morning temperatures are in the low 30's.

I feel I am conditioned at this point to the cold temperature, because I take my time making breakfast. The cold doesn't bother me as it did before.

I stand at the foot of Enchanted Rock which is an enormous rock. I have never seen a rock that size! I love rocks! There is something in their energy that attracts me. I love to collect them as souvenirs from my travelers. But this rock will have to stay. It is a bit too big to fit in my pocket!

When I got to the summit, I felt like I'm on top of the world. The 360-degree view is vast and beautiful. I am glad I started my hike up to the top early, before having to share this experience with other people. There is magic to having nature all to yourself.

I enjoy this park and the view around me, but I decided to change my plan for the day. I head back to explore Fredericksburg. I enjoy just walking through the main street. I stop at the visitor's center to learn more about the town and its history. I only have a little time to spend at Fredericksburg, because I want to visit Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Park Site before heading to Austin. Texas is giving me all the history lessons I have been missing!

If you ever find yourself in this area, stop at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site. Not only did I learn about Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson, but I also got the feel of a working ranch. That was fascinating for me!

It's time to head out to Austin. I am still traveling on Rt 290. Instead of ranches; there are many wineries along the way. Another new thing to learn about Texas. I wasn't aware they make wine here!

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