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Let the build-up begin!

The real test of my self-growth is now, when I am back home in civilization and overwhelmed with all the different directions I need to take in order to get back on the road. While traveling and being in nature (my happy place), dealing with stress and frustration was often softened by nature.

No doubt I have better tools and experience today under my belt to handle stress more calmly. I go back and listen to Pema Chödrön's book 'When Things Fall Apart', and I especially repeat listening to chapters 18-20.

I have learned to let the moments in life that squeeze me into a corner, provide me with the most opportunity for my self-growth. It is not an easy task for sure, but it is worth the push. (For me, anyway)

I am excited about my minivan, my new home! My creative juices are at full speed. Working with Mike is a true pleasure! For a person who considers carpentry a hobby, he is, for sure, a valid expert. I love sharing my vision with him and getting his feedback. It is fascinating to understand how he will implement all my ideas.

I am a bit frustrated that I don't have much time to go hiking. I find a window of time on a beautiful sunny day and get on my bike. I forgot how much I enjoy riding. Seven Lakes Drive at Harriman State Park, is my favorite road to cycle. Yes, as the name suggests, you cycle on a road that connects some of the seven lakes. This State Park is truly a gem!

Another beautiful morning, another quick hike. I need those hikes to put my thoughts onto a page. It's funny, but I still don't know how to sit and meditate, but I have a feeling that is precisely what I do when I hike.

Mike and I are on our third build-up session; it is coming along faster than I imagined. Mike, YOU are the best! I am waiting for Amazon Prime Day to get the most for my money. I need some camping gear to replace and add to improve my nomadic life.

I have figured out that the best way for me to share my build-up is through short clip videos. So, I created a Channel on YouTube (for now, it is just my name, Gila Melamed) where I explain and show the different build-up stages. On my channel, you can also find my conversations as I am a guest on two podcast platforms under the podcast tab.

As I finished writing this post, I got the news about the attack on Israel, and my heart sinks. Please, if there is a God out there, can he please help us stop fighting and killing each other.



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