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ONE sun and ONE moon

There were many factors to my smooth journey for nomadic living in such a tiny space. One of them is being organized. Okay, I am a very organized person, and a mess makes me feel uncomfortable.

I am willing to admit I lived on a high branch when it came to a clean and tidy home. I am aware I probably drove my kids crazy. Likely with time, I could recognize the unhealthy part of it, and climb down a few branches closer to Earth.

With the buildup coming to the organization stage, my life is a total mess. Trying to fit my life into a tiny space again is overwhelming.

On Wednesday, Mike and I will slide the unit into my car, and I will have a better understanding of the space available to me. I am puzzled about how I will fit what I want and need to take with me.

I feel my Mazda had much more storage space. Yes, my minivan is much bigger, but the main idea of getting a bigger vehicle is to provide me with a "living room" space.

I plan to solve my puzzle!

I underestimate how much work it will take to get my "home" ready, but it is an excellent distraction from our bleeding planet.

Like all of us, I am still trying to make sense of the fragile situation in the Middle East and our life resulting from it. The only place I can have clear thinking is in the woods.

I know the woods are where I can do the self-care I need to have a more open mind towards others. It is tough these days to keep the truth of my new finding of compassion and forgiveness in life. However, I know I must keep hiking on this path.

Call me naïve, call me stupid, but my new view and wisdom I learned in the last year have opened my horizon and simplified my understanding. We have and share ONE sun and ONE moon; therefore, we are all ONE body.

Terrorism in any part of the world is OUR cancer.

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