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Phoenix, and the magic of sisterhoods, AZ

Saying goodbye to Jan and Cyrus brings mixed feelings of sadness and excitement. Sadness at saying goodbye, and excitement at having beautiful people like them in my life.

Today I spent most of the day taking care of business. That means laundry and cleaning my van/home. I've been driving through many dirt roads in the last few weeks. It's time to be clean again!

Doing laundry today will have a special spin. I am surprised how many people from last year's travels are reentering my journey again. After all, I am constantly moving.

If you remember, last year, when I traveled through Vancouver Island, a Facebook follower offered me a place to park in her driveway while showing me around her area. I learned to take advantage of opportunities from locals to share their vicinity.

May continued to follow my journey and reached out when she read that I was in Tucson. She is also traveling this year with her RV, escaping the Canadian winter.

The only time we found between our travel schedules is meeting in the laundromat while doing our laundry. It's funny how doing laundry can become party time. It's great seeing May again and catching up.

How can I not be immensely flattered when my dear friends Nikki and Barb travel to spend time with me all the way from California. I am truly honored by this!

When we started to make our plans and see where we could meet, choosing a "curb" at one of the sisters from The Sisters on The Fly group made natural sense since that is how we met.

Okay, ladies, if you love the outdoors and enjoy camping, you should check out this amazing organization called Sisters on The Fly. The beautiful sisterhood energy in this group is truly something special.

We are meeting in the Phoenix area, and when we checked the "curb" options available, Maurrie's name came up.

Each sister had been assigned a number when she joined. I am sister number 21979. Maurrie is sister Number 1

Maurrie is the founder of Sisters on The Fly. It is an honor and privilege to meet her. I admire what she built and created. What an inspirational story of how two sister’s visions, Becky and Maurrie, turned into a movement of love and friendship.

I enjoy getting to know Maurrie. The fire in her is a treasure. You can understand why this organization has been successful when the leader is such an incredible woman.

As a last-minute plan, a sisterhood lunch is organized at Maurrie's house. Since I am constantly on the move, I can't commit to joining any of the camping trips. This lunch gathering is a gift. Spending time with Maurrie, Jill, Cindy, Nikki, Barb, Tanni, Kathy, Vi, Rose, Lee, Lydia, Karan, Lori, and Molly is a true pleasure.

Spring is in the air, the desert is green and lush. A hike before I head to my next destination is much needed for my soul. However, it looks like Mother Nature has yet to decide what the weather will be like today. Half the sky is clear blue skies with a hint of clouds; the rest is gray clouds highlighted by the sun trying to shine her way out. The play of peekaboo creates beautiful lighting on the mountains and lets me delve into deep thinking.

It still amazes me how hiking by myself in nature is such a natural act today. I remember the struggles with my fear from so many years ago. It wasn't an overnight achievement. It was a slow and steady growth. Every time I added an extra half-mile or tried a new trail, I pushed just a bit further beyond my comfort level.

I hope that when each of us starts to understand that we are responsible for the gifts in our lives, we will be able to accomplish more.

So what will be your challenge today? What will be your step out of your comfort level? Don't overthink, do it. You will understand the power of it when you celebrate the accomplishment in yourself.

I wish there was a way to show you the timid person I used to be. I am so far away from that person. There is not even a slight resemblance between what I used to be and who I am today—that trophy of success I earned. You know what? If I did it, you can do it as well. There's nothing special about me. All I have is the determination to give myself what I deserve and want.

Spending time with old friends always feels like coming back home.

I am spending a week regrouping at Gina and Bob's house in Fountain Hills. My friendship with Gina is as old as Ron, my youngest son, 25 years. I am looking forward to spending time and catching up.

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