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San Antonio, Texas (5)

On my way to San Antonio, I passed a field of wind turbine towers. It is, of course, not the first time I have seen them, but it's the first time there are so many of them all around me. I do love watching them spin around. They spin and spin in such an elegant way.

The town of San Antonio truly made the River Walk a beautiful place to enjoy. I spent a few hours just walking. I am taking my time. There is no need to rush. I love sitting near the giant trees that grow along the river. Wow, those trees are enormous! I find a white bench in a quiet corner and sit to rest. Two minutes before, I had a phone conversation with my friend Amy. I expressed how happy I am. I never knew I could feel that level of happiness and then boom! A guilty feeling is creeping over me. Isn't giving birth to my precious boys the most joyful thing I'm supposed to have? Isn't falling in love the happiest we can be? Honestly, I was confused for a few moments, not understanding what was going on with my emotions.

It didn't last too long for me to explain to myself that there are so many layers and levels of happiness, and that finally I got to a place in my life that happens for ME. Please find YOUR "happy ME"! Nurture and cherish it.

It is a rainy morning in San Antonio, so I have changed my plans accordingly. I need to get ready for Big Bend National Park. Groceries and other errands need to be done. At this point, Google Maps and I are developing a nice friendship. 😊 At home going grocery shopping is one of my favorite chores. I would rather go grocery shopping than folding laundry!

Google Maps and I are traveling away from the tourist attraction and into the beautiful neighborhood of San Antonio. I love how they keep the "old" flavor and how authentic it feels, even though you can see it's all modern and new. Somehow, grocery shopping while traveling is not a chore. It's more like another adventure.

Later in the day, the sun returns to the skies above San Antonio.

Ramona and I are meeting again to explore Market Square. Since I don't have any extra room to add to my car, going "shopping" is like visiting a museum. 😊 We end our day enjoying the River Walk and sitting for dinner.

Ramona is parking outside my Airbnb for the night. In the morning, we have another deep conversation about life. I enjoy her company. Today I plan to rent a bike and visit as many missions along the River Walk. It's a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze. It's a peaceful day on the path. Most of the time, I'm the only person around. I love riding bikes, and I do miss mine.

My first stop is Mission Concepcion. Wow, it's so much fun to feel like you are going back in time. There is so much history and beautiful architecture. Next is Mission San Jose. I love how the past stops in place, and I can have the "feel" of it with my imagination.

Unfortunately, I get lost a few times because I'm in la la land, and I'm not watching where I'm going (I ended up doing 20 miles instead of 10). It's okay, I enjoy getting lost while biking and not have time to visit the other three missions. I also need to get back and finish getting ready for my next destination, Big Bend National Park.

I'm so excited for Big Bend; it's been on my top list for a while now.

If you remember, I'm meeting Dawn (from one of the Facebook groups I belong to). After all the phone conversations, I'm looking forward to meeting her in person!

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