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Santa Fe, Taos Pueblo, NM (5)

It is my last day in Santa Fe. One week is not enough, not in Santa Fe or in New Mexico. I would love to come back one day and see more of this beautiful state.

I have a short day to squeeze in a visit to a museum and a quick hike. I need to pack my car today because I am leaving early tomorrow morning for Colorado. I am taking a longer route so I can stop in Taos Pueblo.

From a Facebook recommendation, I am visiting the Museum of Indian art & Culture today. You never know what to expect with someone else's recommendation, but this nailed it! There is no emotion other than admiration for the time and talent of Indigenous culture and art. I feel connected to all the symbols and meanings in their art.

Oh, it is a frigid morning here in Santa Fe, 16°C, ouch! I decided to enjoy the High Road to Tao's byway again (I also want to avoid driving through the construction section from two days ago; once was enough. This byway is absolutely a must! By the time I am up in the mountains, the temperature drops to 2°C, but my view is anything but cold. I am definitely a mountain girl. This view just melts my heart.

I get to Taos Pueblo to be able to take the first tour. Unfortunately, I only have a little time to spare. I still have another five hours of drive ahead of me, and I don't like driving at night in unfamiliar places.

I am so glad I made the extra effort and went the extra mile to be here.

I feel being here in the winter with the white snow on the ground and on the top of the mountains adds an extra flavor to my experience. I love the contrast of the adobe houses with the white all around them. It is frigid cold, but I still take the little time to fully embrace myself in this amazing place and the history around me.

Time to hit the road again. Just as I say goodbye to the endless skies of New Mexico and enter Colorado, I am in awe of my surroundings. I love when I have the sharp dark colors of the mountain cutting through a straight line into the snowcap mountains, some of the clouds hovering between them blending slowly into the blue skies. Unfortunately, I have no safe place to stop and take a picture, so I do what I usually do when I feel I must capture my emotions right away, I record myself.

My time in Colorado will be spent in Broomfield, a town 20 minutes from Boulder. I am visiting my younger son Ron and working on my following destinations and Alaska. I am fortunate to get a fantastic gig! I am dog-sitting in exchange for free housing. Adi, my oldest son, will join us at the beginning of January for a few days. It will be so good to hug them both.

I am looking forward to family time together.

So many nights, I lay in a bed and a place that I couldn't call home, and still, there is pure peace in my heart. The nomadic life is truthfully my calling! My bed in my car is 25"x66," and it is still the best bed ever. The thought of returning home to my beautiful two-bedroom apartment becomes terrifying and feels like a trap. Good to know I have plenty of time to enjoy today and make the best of my nomadic life. Later on, I will have other decisions to make...

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